REVIEW: A Soccer Mom’s New Best Friend and the 2016 “It” Stocking Stuffer!


(DGIwire) ReviewLoft was recently given a product to review that three staffers immediately saw three different uses for. “Wine!” cried the first staffer. “Sports!” cheered the second. “Listen to this neat popping sound this thing makes when you pull it apart!” said the third.

No matter what the preferred use, no one could deny that they were looking at an ingenious invention that could potentially save money for them and more importantly health issues for their children.

Behold, the Sipsee! It’s a portable bottle stopper that comes in all different colors and with all kinds of different choices for identification stickers. No more fights between siblings, “That’s MY water bottle!” No more accidentally picking up and drinking out of (ew!!) a teammates germy bottle that you thought was yours. For parents? No more trying to stuff the dirty cork back into the wine bottle. No more flat beer! Everyone is happy!

Another bright spot noted by ReviewLoft is that when they gave it to their young son, he liked it so much he drank more water just so that he could keep taking it on and off. Since it’s not a choking hazard, he played with and drank out of the bottle for hours. (OK, the young son was actually just our reviewer playing with the Sipsee but she did drink more water saying they really are fun!)

The other benefit is that there will be less wasted water. Think of what happens when you lose track of a water bottle. It could have been almost full but if it’s put down on a table or kids put it down on the sidelines during a game, they immediately reach for a new unopened bottle if they can’t identify their original one. Think of all the water (and money!) that has been wasted this way over the years. No more! Now, thanks to Sipsee the personal identifier for drinks has arrived!

Check out the Sipsee for yourself or as an awesome stocking stuffer at They are reasonably priced and there are many to choose from.


ReviewLoft received two Sipsees. We use them and like them — so we’re writing about their purpose in life. No other goods or services were received.