ReviewLoft: Praise for Your Product or Service that Could Change Everything

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(DGIwire)  —, a new review platform that went live on December 7, offers an  innovative and highly effective way for companies to promote their product, service, event, site or travel destination across multiple channels to millions of potential customers.   This promotion is free, and open to all, but there is a strict selection process.  Those applications  that make the cut will receive detailed rave reviews that are compelling and genuine.  The site’s award-winning writers are all expert reviewers well-qualified to  determine if the product or service submitted warrants a favorable review.  Those who make the cut will be the subject of an expertly written rave review of up to 500 words —with a link to the submitter’s website.  The review will be published within 12 weeks or less following receipt of goods or attendance at the event.   ReviewLoft will then boost it across the web spectacular fashion.

Those who wish to quality for this exceptional boost that can help put them ahead of their competition, need  simply fill out the form on the ReviewLoft  website and mail it to ReviewLoft, along with either a sample of their product, a trial of their service, or a ticket or voucher for two of the reviewers to experience their event or destination.

ReviewLoft reviews are posted on DGIwire,™ which is ranked in the top 0.01% of more than a billion websites and with 80,000+ monthly visitors, and immediately disseminated into the newsfeeds of more than 100 online outlets.  These include  International Business Times, Boston Globe, San Jose Mercury News, to name a few.  Each review includes hot links to the submitting company or individual’s website. The reviews are also shared with ReviewLoft’s 375,000 fans and followers on its branded Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram pages.  Additionally, an email with a link to each review goes out to thousands of journalists who have opted-in to receive ReviewLoft’s weekly newsletter.

ReviewLoft will personally support marketing each review to a most-likely-interested targeted audience on social media. The guaranteed cumulative reach from ReviewLoft’s collective dissemination platforms is more than one million people.

To learn more and to submit an application for this extraordinary opportunity, log on to