Rocking Recording Sessions Using Modern Technology Plus Time-Tested Techniques

MC Studio Image

(DGIwire) — “Out with the old and in with the new.” Advances in technology have killed or brought into question the future of some our most cherished forms of entertainment. The MP3 player took the place of the Discman; the word processor replaced the typewriter; and ereaders are slowly but surely gaining popularity over physical books. Similarly, many laptops now come with preprogrammed recording applications that can act as virtual music recording studios. With a few clicks, users can make their two-person garage band sound like a four-person rock group.

What does this mean for the future of recording studios? Are they shaking in their (electronic) boots? Surely not at Manhattan Center, located on West 34th Street in the heart of midtown Manhattan. This world-renowned recording complex has set its mission to preserve the art of production, while keeping competitive with state-of-the-art technology. Manhattan Center has been a mecca for all things music, media and entertainment for the better part of a century, and their studios are some of the most sought-after recording spaces for recording artists, record producers, corporate video producers, movie and TV producers, soundtrack professionals and others.

Inside the complex is a large space called The Log Cabin, aptly named for its luxurious living-room space. This self-contained studio is complete with isolated drum booth, lounge and kitchen. Just three floors upstairs is Studio 7, also built on the philosophy of blending the strengths of digital and analog technology. It houses a unique custom-modified console recording system for the highest-quality recordings. “The acoustics are top-notch,” says Darren Moore, the Chief Audio Engineer of Manhattan Center Productions. “We love the artists who come through these doors, so we make sure they have the best experience possible.”

These studios have seen the birth of one-of-a-kind performances, classical recordings, film scores, broadcasts and telethons. Record labels such as Atlantic Records, Def Jam, RCA and MCA have all utilized Manhattan Center Productions’ state-of-the-art resources. It doesn’t stop there, though. Several film scores, broadcasts and even Tony Award-winning Broadway cast albums have been recorded in these studios.

In addition to their studios, Manhattan Center offers full post-production suites, including more than 20 editing rooms of all sizes to accommodate even the most demanding clientele. Manhattan Center has other finishing programs on hand to make recordings polished and professional. Their suites also have over 48 terabytes of shared network storage available. “With all these amenities, we believe our studios are truly a producer’s, artist’s and engineer’s dream,” says OBie O’Brien, Director of Sales and Marketing at Manhattan Center. “Our intention is to keep them coming back by keeping them on cloud nine.”

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