Sea Glass Jewelry: History and Adventure Made Breathtakingly Beautiful


(DGIwire) — There’s something about sea glass. It conjures up childhood memories of treasure hunting sandy beaches and the excitement of reaching down to pick up a frosty piece of amber or blue mystery. Immediately the speculation begins. Was this piece a fragment from some pirate’s bottle of rum? Maybe that piece is the remnant of a bottle with an SOS message, thrown from some faraway island? China plates from the Titanic? No matter, because that one piece of sea glass could keep little minds occupied for hours.

image4Today, sea glass seems to be everywhere. A quick online search will bring you to dozens upon dozens of ways to purchase “authentic” sea glass for very reasonable prices. The problem? Many of these pieces, as beautiful as they may be, are not naturally created. Chances are that they’re manmade; regular glass that is tumbled in a machine with chemicals added to speed the process. This is especially true if they are offering super low prices.

Real Sea glass takes 20 to 50 years to acquire its characteristic texture, colors and shapes. That true frosty look only comes with time and the correct ph levels found in the sea. Man has tried, but they just can’t replicate what is created naturally and perfectly by Mother Nature.

image6One woman who understands and appreciates the kind of beauty and authenticity described is Sharon DeAngelo. Sharon is the owner of Sea Glass Creations, a web and boutique-based, award winning sea glass jewelry line that is rapidly gaining popularity up and down the east coast.

“I find real sea glass on the beaches of New England,” DeAngelo explains. “Then I create pieces with clean lines and hand crafted quality. Each design is optimized to bring out the best in each piece.”

The artistry is magnificent. From a simple one-stone leather bracelet to a more intricate multi-colored, high quality, silver nest of seaglass, she creates it all. Also available to order are custom and special pieces for the holidays, anniversaries or any special occasion where the beauty of a hand crafted gift would be appreciated.

Visit the website to view the collection or to get ideas for custom pieces.

Authentic New England sea glass jewelry: Discover the Beautiful Difference.