Searching for the Perfect Wine? See this Sonoma Star for Holiday Gifting and Merrymaking

(DGIwire) – The holidays are here again, and with them comes the eternally recurring dilemma: What gift to buy for friends, family and colleagues? In the spirit of good cheer, wine is a perennially popular choice—but which one is best? The pages of wine magazines present a staggering array of choices, which can easily cause confusion to all but the sharpest connoisseurs. What is a well-meaning but less-than-expert wine lover to do?

“When choosing the very best wine for a holiday gift, read about the backstory,” says Kevin Kinsella, venture capitalist and founder of Kinsella Estates, a boutique winery in California’s Sonoma County. “A wide array of factors—the location of the terroir, the details of the vintage and season, the expertise of the winemaker—all play a part in the quality of the finished product.”

Kinsella knows what he is talking about. Having achieved massive success as the largest single investor in the global smash hit musical Jersey Boys, he subsequently turned his attention to the world of wine and founded Kinsella Estates. In the years since then, his wines have attracted the attention of distinguished critics. Most recently, in November 2017, Wine Spectator magazine placed Kinsella’s Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Creek Valley Spencer Vineyard in the Top Twenty of its list of recommended California cabernets, citing its “rich, juicy, seductive style, with tiers of blackberry, licorice, dusty, loamy earth and anise. Engaging and deftly balanced.” It was only one of two from Sonoma County to make the top of the list (the other 18 were Napa cabernets).

Kinsella Estates is an organically farmed vineyard situated in a private valley in the foothills of the western edge of Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley. Elevated 500 feet above the Russian River, the valley enjoys a warm climate that virtually never sees winter frost. The hills even harbor occasional citrus trees. The east-west running valley is planted with 12 acres of cabernet sauvignon vines on the steep eastern hillsides composed of loamy, metamorphic soil.

In the summer of 2008, the latter two blocs were replanted with four different clones of cabernet sauvignon, handpicked by Kinsella Estates’ winemaker, Thomas Rivers Brown. Also, two-thirds of an acre of Wente clone zinfandel was planted, as well as eight rows of petit verdot.

The Kinsella Estates vineyard is composed of three blocs: the Heirloom Vineyard, a steep-sloping, two-acre, 18-year-old parcel, wedged in between an arroyo and a knoll of Spanish oaks; the six-acre Jersey Boys Vineyard and the four-acre, lakeside Spencer Vineyard. The arroyo that runs between the Jersey Boys and Spencer vineyards feeds the lake, which in turn irrigates the vines. All Kinsella Estates wines are produced from organically grown grapes without pesticides or herbicides. All fruit is grown on the estate. They buy no fruit and sell no fruit.

“For those who are looking for an extraordinary gift, a rare bottle of wine from a boutique estate will be sure to impress,” Kinsella adds.

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