Second Chance at Sports May Equal a Second Chance at Life

Sica Boys

(DGIwire) — Many of today’s headlines are filled with stories about young people who have lost their way. Studies and reports show that a large part of the teenage population is trying to escape reality in one way or another. Some can be found with their fingers frozen around an X-box controller. Others get involved with drugs or other more damaging behaviors. That’s why it’s so refreshing to hear the stories about youths who, instead of trying to escape reality, set out to change it.

One such story comes out of Long Island, New York. Matthew, Dylan and Anthony Sica were born and raised in a sports oriented family. Before long, their basement and garage started looking like a site familiar to those affluent families with kids:  It was cluttered with baseball, basketball, roller hockey, and football equipment that the boys had outgrown.

One spring weekend in 2012, after being told it was time to unclutter and clean out their family garage, the brothers came up with a great idea: What if they could gather up, clean up and give away their used sporting equipment to children who needed it?  They debated the possibilities with their parents. Considering how fast kids grow and weighing in seasonality, they concluded that most kids grow out of their equipment before it is too worn out.   So, if the items were in great condition, they  would still be desirable and could still be used by other kids—if only they had them.

Before long, what started as a family Spring-cleaning project soon became a community affair. 2ndChanceSports was born.  The boys started gathering gently-used baseball, football, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, softball, tennis and hockey equipment of their own.  Then they began recruiting items from their teammates, schoolmates and ultimately neighbors within the community.

“Our boys realized that throwing away lightly used equipment was wrong.   They recognized that the equipment was expensive and they knew there were kids who couldn’t play the sports they loved because money, not skill, was the obstacle, ” says their proud dad, Tony Sica.

To date, 2ndChanceSports has distributed over 2000 pieces of equipment to areas in Nassau County, Suffolk County and New York City and the work continues.

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