Secrets Behind Compelling Television…Hint: It’s All Part of the Production


(DGIwire) — Let’s face it, Bravo TV has made a fortune from good editing. It’s no secret that reality shows can be made and broken in post production.  It’s become as important a part of the troika as picking the right cast members to creating the right environment. Think about how boring it would it be to actually follow all the housewives around 24/7?  Seriously, Vicki Gunvalson sells insurance! Woohoooo! (No offense to the insurance industry.)

But there’s so much juicy footage to air that a hat’s off must be given to the editing team at Bravo and all the other successful reality shows.  Especially when it comes to the much-anticipated reunions. These ladies are (voluntarily) put through the wringer for an entire day and most of it ends up on the floor.  What we see are two or three neatly chiseled episodes at 39-42 minutes each, excluding commercials. Then often times the ladies don’t like what they see and cry “bad editing.”

“Blame it all on the editing, “ chuckles Marvin Williams, who knows how crucial editing can make or break a program.

Certainly Williams knows the challenges.  As the Director of Video Engineering and Operations at the Manhattan Center, the most advanced independent television production facilities in New York City, he’s edited television shows, concert footage and more.

“Good editing should enhance the story, not change it,” Williams elaborates.  “A great editor, with access to great equipment and technology is vital. As the shows that work post production in a place like Manhattan Center can tell you–the venue that has it all in one place—with  state-of-the-art recording and production studios under one roof is simply ideal. You can’t beat that for ease and headache reduction.”

So as another season of reality programming comes and goes, remember; make friends with the editors and use the right production house!

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