Simple, Spiritual and Beautiful; Connecting to the Universe with Jewelry

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(DGIwire) — There is no question that wearing different types of jewelry can make you feel different things. A bold ring might give you a kick of extra confidence. An elegant string of pearls can help to bring out your inner Grace Kelly. A whimsical piece might make you feel young and adventurous. No one understands this better than Julie Bowen Meizels, founder of Bowen Jewelry NYC.

Bowen, a native New Yorker, has always been influenced by the transformative practices of Kung-Fu, Kriya Yoga, and meditation. This, coupled with her love of nature, inspired her to incorporate five important principles to her jewelry design philosophy: universal awareness; the five basic elements (fire, earth, water, metal, wood); the simplicity and importance of numbers; generosity; and the power of the divine in all of us.

With Bowen Jewelry, Julie uses her well-honed eye and mixes 18K gold, semi-precious and precious stones, wooden beads (often in symbolic counts), combined with found natural treasures including sea shells and beach glass. The result is Bowen NYC: timeless, custom jewelry that complements
all lifestyles.

Take for example Bowen’s Bindi Drop Collection. A unique and natural shape which represents the individual self and one’s connection with the universe, resting on simple silk cords influenced by the Chakra colors. A quote from Om Alan Finger Yogiraj sums up beautifully the balance and relationship between self and universe that we are reminded of when wearing the Bowen Bindi Drop: “Just as a drop of water is still that drop of water when absorbed by the vast ocean, so is the individual a part of the vast universe while remaining that individual.”

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