Stand Up and Take a Bow!


(DGIwire) — With office and home dinner table conversations recently filled with complaints about aching backs and wishes for a standing desk, ReviewLoft™ was excited to have received the ChangeDesk from UncagedErgonomics. For millennials and baby boomers alike, standing desks offer some great benefits to the user besides just looking cool!

We were particularly impressed with the versatility the ChangeDesk offers. It can be easily adjusted to a height that meets the user’s particular needs. With five different and easily adjusted heights—and whether users choose to sit or stand, and if they are short or tall—the ChangeDesk can be adjusted to the perfect height. ChangeDesk transforms from 4 ½ inches to 21 ½ inches high with a simple squeeze of a lever. And no assembly is necessary, which makes this even more appealing to us!

Another great feature is that it sits atop the user’s current desk so there is no need to get rid of existing office furniture. ChangeDesk is portable and lightweight. Simply put it on top of a desk and voila…a convertible unit!

There have been numerous studies about the benefits of standing versus sitting and on the benefits of standing desks. Some of those benefits include lowered risk of heart disease, reduced back pain and improved mood and productivity. ChangeDesk offers the benefit of using the desk while sitting or standing, with several different heights that don’t keep users tethered to one position. While we are not making any health claims about ChangeDesk, we are saying our back pain lessened during the review period.

Although most of ReviewLoft’s testing was done with our laptops, we did put a monitor on top of the desk. Holding up to 30 pounds, there is ample leeway for a monitor to fit on the desk. With conveniently designed places for mouse pads and keyboards, we happily worked away throughout the day.

The desk is roomy enough to hold a landline phone, cell phone, notebooks and just about anything a user would want to fit on it. And it’s sleek enough to make users the envy of their office mates.

We at ReviewLoft have heard of offices where employees are clamoring for standing desks and sneaking them into their budgets…where no budget exists. Priced very reasonably, we’d think that ChangeDesk should not create any budgetary/political issues with the finance and facility departments of companies that want to buy them for their employees.

We give a standing ovation to UncagedErgonomics on its sleek, useful and super-cool ChangeDesk.