Strong U.S. Hiring Means a Stronger Climate for Jobs

(DGIwire) – Despite recent lurches in the stock market, the overall jobs outlook in the United States remained strong at the end of 2018, according to The New York Times. A report released by the U.S. Labor Department showed one of the strongest months of job gains in the last decade, with employers adding 312,000 workers to payrolls in December 2018. Wages, which had been lagging until recently, showed impressive gains as well.

This rosy news mirrored reports from economists, who, as the Times reported, have pointed out that the U.S. unemployment rate has been hovering near a 50-year low. Job openings have hit record highs, and a growing number of workers are quitting, indicating confidence in their ability to find new jobs. Wages have also begun to pick up more quickly, the Times adds.

“Along with the good news that is being reported about the economy as a whole, companies that are looking to bring on talent may be searching for ways to optimize their hiring and retention strategies,” says Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal, founder and CEO of Atrium, a staffing and contingent workforce solutions firm. “There are a wide number of ways to attract and retain top talent, even in an atmosphere where competition for the best workers is more cutthroat than ever before.”

Indeed, the competition for employees has been heating up in what some companies have characterized as “a brutal market,” according to the Times report. Among rival companies across various industries, the poaching of employees with offers of higher salaries is becoming more commonplace.

At the same time, the Times article notes that there is still a wide cross-section of Americans who do not have jobs or who are not clocking as many hours as they would like. The share of people who have part-time positions but would prefer to work full-time is higher today than it was in 2007. And, notes the Times, a far smaller share of the American population is working today than before the recession; even among people in their prime working years, employment is far below its peak at the height of the dot-com boom.

Companies attempting to attract and retain top talent in the midst of these widescale trends may find the challenge to be an intimidating one, especially if the resources they have available to devote to staffing activities are limited. Consulting with an external firm that has a recognized track record for onboarding valuable team members—and ensuring that all of the regulations pertaining to their employment are being met—can be a wise decision.

“With a company’s success being so dependent on bringing in the right people, contract and permanent employees alike, engaging a reputable staffing agency as part of the search strategy brings considerable expertise to the process while also making it more efficient,” Cenni-Leventhal adds.