Summer is Sizzling According to this Romance Author

(DGIwire) – If you noticed this Summer seems hotter than ever, there might be a reason other than global warming. Prolific self-published author Ginni Conquest—whose star is rising rapidly in the romance genre along with sales of her fifth novel in less than 24 months—says “Romance is hotter than ever.” Based on fan reviews, she’s likely right!

Having worked as top modeling agent for more than 35 years and counting, Ms. Conquest passed her rail time between her home in New Jersey home and New York City office by devouring romance novels. During one of those trips about three years ago, she decided to risk changing up her relaxation routine: Instead of reading books by others, Conquest decided to try her pen at writing her own during her commute. Now, five books later…Conquest continues to spin out what she calls “sweet and sexy” romance novels.

Ms. Conquest had read enough to know the elements that make a romance novel a page-turner: Palpable tension between a likeable heroine and hero…who are unlikely to fall for each other. With this as the compelling basis for a dreamy tale based on just enough reality, each book to date has revealed a love story with the perfect amount of tension. Ms. Conquest cleverly keeps her readers captivated with all sorts of plot twists, as the dynamics of the relationships push and pull. Until the last page of each book, a Conquest reader is wondering whether love will rule.

“I love my characters,” says Ms. Conquest, “and I am so happy when my readers embrace them as well. Like all of us, my heroines and heroes are struggling to cope with life challenges, character flaws, past experiences, painful memories and all the other aspects of life that can make happiness seem elusive.”

Ms. Conquest is a clever storyteller who delivers. Her character development, intrigue and scenes of unbridled passion keep the reader wanting more and hoping for that happy ending that is sealed with a kiss. The passion and courtship with enchanting storytelling is ever-present. Readers can be assured that they will have to read to the final pages to find out exactly how the romance will end…or begin.

So for those who welcome a bit more heat this summer, any romance book by author Ginni Conquest is highly recommended. They are written to allow the reader to relax, let loose, imagine and have fun.

Start with one—or buy them all for yourself or your girlfriends!

Ginni Conquest books are available on Kindle and in softcover on Amazon.:  A Crime of the Heart; A Love in Name Only; Love Never Fails. Desire’s Way, and  Second Chance for Love

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Ms. Conquest will also be making in-person appearances at these upcoming book signing events:  Sept. 15th:  Books by the Bridge book signing event in New York City and Oct. 13th:  TNTNYC 2018 book signing evening in Staten Island.   Tickets are still available. Details available on the related Event sites and on Ms. Conquest’s Facebook page.