Are Oils and Fats Really Healthy?

(DGIwire)  Oils and fats are a common health topic today.  Many people are consuming tablespoons of olive, macadamia, walnut, avocado, flax seed and coconut oils or perhaps fish and krill oils on a daily basis in an effort to improve their health.  There is an ongoing debate about which ones are the most beneficial.  Our […]

May Is National Bike Month—Time to Cycle Toward Health

(DGIwire) — Bikeway networks are emerging along urban, low-traffic streets as residents employ increasing pedal power in cities like Cambridge, MA; New York City; Portland, OR; and San Francisco. Tourism and transportation trend watchers note that the amount of on-street bicycle parking provides a ready gauge to how rider-friendly a city is. Still, according to […]

The Gap Between Diet Intention and Results

  (DGIwire) — Once again, surveys show that losing weight is one of the top New Year resolutions.  These same surveys also show that over 60% of those who made the resolution last year failed but will still make the same resolution this year. An AARP survey of 1006 adults found that over 50% are […]