Consultant or Sycophant? How to Tell If You’re Getting the Best Advice

(DGIwire) — Many leaders and managers surround themselves with yes-men, butt-kissers, devotees and others who are excellent at praising powerful people. Having been on the receiving end of accolades, I can certainly validate that hearing others declare your ideas brilliant can feel absolutely wonderful. I’m the first to say I much prefer praise to criticism. […]

Calling All CEOs! What’s Your Company’s Morale Score?

(DGIwire) — One of the most difficult things for a business owner to accurately gauge within his or her own company is also one of the most important: morale. When it’s good, it’s good but when it’s bad…let’s just say you want to work on getting things good quickly. The reason it can be so […]

How To Handle Angry People

(DGIwire)  Being confronted with anger can quickly make anyone unhappy. Nobody likes to be angry. Nobody likes to be the recipient of angry words or actions.   Yet—anger is a normal emotion that is just one of the wide range of emotions normal to the human condition. Before the next time you are confronted with an […]

“No” Is a Complete Sentence

NEW YORK — (DGIwire) — No. One of the shortest words in the human language.  One of the first actual words issued by most human babies.  An almost universal word, understood regardless of other language barriers. No.  A complete sentence in itself, as a wise person once pointed out. At all times, we are each responsible for […]

How Successful Leaders Listen

(DGIwire) —  When it comes to being a good leader, effectively communicating your ideas, vision and knowledge undoubtedly contribute to your success.  You need to be heard. But there are some times when you just need to listen. More often than not, people undervalue the art of listening. Being an effective listener can help you […]

Seven Steps To Put You on the Road to Success!

(DGIwire) —  All of us dream about being successful; having a wonderful car, home, vacations, security or many of the luxuries that may seem attainable only to other people. Even if we believe that we can acquire these things, the reality quickly sets in that we can’t have most of them immediately. Some hard work […]