Fashion Industry 2016: Hiring Is Looking Up

(DGIwire) – This is a time of great uncertainty in the fashion industry. Retail is changing rapidly and companies are under intense pressure to remain relevant and deliver exciting products to consumers while struggling to manage foot traffic and global competition. But as reported by the Third Annual Fashion Industry Benchmarking Study—released by the United […]

The “Permanence” of Seasonal Workers

(DGIwire)  Whether it’s summer event promotions or temporary holiday work, many contingent workers look forward to seasonal jobs because they can make a significant income in a matter of weeks. This is especially attractive to college students home for breaks, people who are retired and want to boost their income, or anyone undergoing a change […]

Today’s Contingent Workforce: What Every Employer Needs to Know

(DGIwire) — They go by many names: temps, freelancers, independent contractors and consultants. Whatever they’re called, in our modern economy contingent workers are becoming more numerous and assuming greater importance. In a 2014 survey by Oxford Economics, 83 percent of businesses reported they not only used contingent workers but were also using them on an […]