Luxury Bedsheets…Or So Says the Label

(DGIwire) — Over the years, one luxury Paris sheet maker has built its reputation catering to a high profile celebrity clientele. Current pricing for its 1,200 thread count queen set made with 100 percent Egyptian cotton will cost a buyer about $1,400 American. Or… one can find the company’s sheets in the online marketplace, which also claims to offer a […]

Counterfeit Clothing? Plant DNA Keeps Fabrics Genuine

(DGIwire) — Lots of things we see, touch and wear are not what they seem. That thick head of hair we admire could be a wig. We’re accustomed to seeing fake nails and fake handbags that pretend to be their upscale sisters. But—fake fabrics? That’s right: counterfeit textiles— and entire garments that are not what we […]