Do Carbs Really Make Us Fat?

(DGIwire) –People often wonder if carbohydrates really make us fat.  It is important to know that not all carbohydrates are created equal when it comes to how our bodies are able to process them. All carbohydrates, complex or simple are digested and converted to blood sugar. The greater the amount consumed the higher blood sugar […]

Dying for a Healthy Self-Image

(DGIwire) — Not too long ago, The Success Foundation in partnership with the University of the West of England uncovered some disturbing news:  A survey found that 30 percent of the women surveyed would trade at least one year of their life in order to achieve their ideal body: 16 percent would trade one year; 10 […]

Children’s Taste Preferences are Forged at Home, Researchers Say

NEW YORK — (DGIwire) — Researchers have determined that a child’s taste preferences are forged at home and most often involve salt, sugar and fat. Moreover, young kids learn quickly what brands deliver the goods. In the journal Appetite, T. Bettina Cornwell of the University of Oregon and Anna R. McAlister of the University of Wisconsin report on […]

The Skinny on Calories and Dieting

(DGIwire) — Many people try to lose weight or get rid of excess fat that never seems to disappear. Some have tried all the latest diets and failed; others have successfully lost weight, only to gain it back. These people may be looking for a “secret” to lose their excess fat and finally have and maintain […]

Diet Soda Not So Dietetic

(DGIwire) — If you believe that drinking diet soda will help you lose or keep weight off, you should think again.  When researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health examined patterns in adult diet beverage consumption, they found that overweight and obese adults who drink diet beverages end up consuming more calories than […]