3 Things Pharma CEOs Should Know About Classifying Independent Contractors

(DGIwire) – Pharmaceutical companies have more than FDA regulations to think about. When it comes to hiring practices, it is vital for pharmaceutical companies to be cognizant of employment regulations. As noted recently in Life Science Leader, misclassification of independent contractors (ICs) can have a substantial negative impact on a business. Here are three key […]

7 Companies That Love the Garden State

(DGIwire) – In 2015, New Jersey added 55,700 jobs—the vast majority in the private sector—and has recovered 91 percent of the more than a quarter-million jobs lost during the Great Recession of January 2008 to September 2010, according to Rutgers Today. Indeed, many companies are thriving in New Jersey. Here are some major businesses currently […]

Employee versus Contractor: A Six-Part Test for Determining Classification

(DGIwire) — If recent headlines are any indication, even the most progressive and forward-thinking companies can have difficulty determining the difference between employees and independent contractors. While it may seem like an academic distinction to some, it can make a huge impact in terms of profit margins, avoiding trouble with the IRS and maintaining good […]

Half Baked? Bakery Lawsuit Raises Concerns About Employee Classifications

(DGIwire)   Another major corporation has fallen victim to a lawsuit stemming from the sometimes-confusing distinction between independent contractors and employees. The nation’s second-biggest bakery, Flowers Foods Inc., could be subject to a class-action suit after a Federal judge ruled that the 200 North Carolina plaintiffs qualify as a “class.” The ruling is significant because of […]