Employee versus Contractor: A Six-Part Test for Determining Classification

(DGIwire) — If recent headlines are any indication, even the most progressive and forward-thinking companies can have difficulty determining the difference between employees and independent contractors. While it may seem like an academic distinction to some, it can make a huge impact in terms of profit margins, avoiding trouble with the IRS and maintaining good […]

Independent Contractors Gain Ground, Forcing Employers to Be Cautious

  (DGIwire) Is this the beginning of the end for independent contractors? A flurry of legal battles over the issue of what constitutes an employee versus an independent contractor dominated headlines throughout 2015, and none is bigger than the FedEx case. On June 12, 2015, as reported on TruckingInfo.com, FedEx Ground announced that it had […]

Today’s Contingent Workforce: What Every Employer Needs to Know

(DGIwire) — They go by many names: temps, freelancers, independent contractors and consultants. Whatever they’re called, in our modern economy contingent workers are becoming more numerous and assuming greater importance. In a 2014 survey by Oxford Economics, 83 percent of businesses reported they not only used contingent workers but were also using them on an […]