FUNDaMentals by Dian Griesel Wins Independent Publisher Book Award

(DGIwire) – June 25, 2015 — The 19th Annual Independent Publisher Book Awards (“IPPY”), administered by the Jenkins Group, awarded a Bronze Medal in the Finance, Investments and Economics category to FUNDaMentals: The Corporate Guide to Cultivating Investor Mindshare by Dian Griesel. For those eager to convey their company’s value to potential investors, FUNDaMentals shares the rules necessary for success. […]

Honesty and Transparency: The Dynamic Duo of Corporate PR

(DGIwire) — In the fairy tale Pinocchio, the wooden boy’s nose grew whenever he told a lie, and until he learned to tell the truth, he could not become human. This feature of the beloved tale has been used for decades to teach children a useful lesson about lying. However, if this happened to us […]

Five Tips for Making a Better Corporate Video

(DGIwire) — Creating corporate videos can be intimidating because of how important they can be for improving an organization’s image—or not. The good part is, whatever it is that makes them unique and great, an engaging corporate video has the power to truly distinguish a company or organization. The bad part? Many struggle to grasp […]

“The Voice”: New Season, More Business Lessons

 (DGIwire) — The Voice is now searching for its next set of superstars.  Entering this season, a large part of the show’s mass appeal will continue to stem from one fact: In our lives—whether we are managing relationships, children or employees—we are all hoping to develop the best possible “team” for success. On some level, we can all […]

What’s Your Corporate Crisis Management Style?

(DGIwire) — The Boy Scouts of America have the best and simplest motto that can be translated into all aspects of good PR and Crisis Management: Be Prepared. Years ago, if a company was involved in any type of crisis, big or small, it was much easier to take control and minimize damage. You had […]

Five Simple Ways to Host a Bad Meeting

(DGIwire)  Why would anyone want to host a bad meeting? We’re actually not sure why you wanted to read this story. Good thing you did though because the actual topic of this article is “Five Simple Steps to the Perfect Meeting”. We did this to prove a point. You opened this article thinking that you would […]

Are Great Leaders Born or Made? The Answer is…Both!

(DGIwire) – If only life were like the movies. Everyone is a Vice President or CEO or “in-charge” of someone or something. Every problem magically works itself out in record time and the hero(ine) gets a promotion by the time the final credits are rolling. Think Working Girl circa 1988. The movie ends with the […]

How Successful Leaders Listen

(DGIwire) —  When it comes to being a good leader, effectively communicating your ideas, vision and knowledge undoubtedly contribute to your success.  You need to be heard. But there are some times when you just need to listen. More often than not, people undervalue the art of listening. Being an effective listener can help you […]

Enlightened Employment: Corporate Cultures Thrive When Employees Do

(DGIwire) — As a leader, you need talented people on your team. They’ll not only help you take your business to the next level but they’ll also help you solve any problems that may arise while you’re getting there.  It’s why finding the right people and placing them in the right position is essential not […]

How to Swim with the Sharks and Win the Money

(DGIwire) —  How many times have you watched an entrepreneur win the opportunity to court the interest of The Shark Tank investors, yet fail to gain the coveted investment due to poor presentation skills and the inability to articulate their value proposition? “Many people don’t realize that the need to attract a banker, a “crowd” […]

Good PR is Good Business…IF You Know What You’re Doing

(DGIwire) — Whether the economy is booming or approaching a downturn, a company’s public relations budget is often the first to take a hit. When things are going well, some management teams consider public relations to be unnecessary, and when they’re not, shortsighted companies make hasty decisions in an attempt to cut expenses. However, more […]

Telling a Company’s Story Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

(DGIwire) — Self-promotion is tricky. We’ve all created an online profile at some point, whether for LinkedIn, Facebook, a website bio or a speaking opportunity. Writing or talking about ourselves without sounding too promotional is harder than it seems. If writing about ourselves in the right tone is difficult, imagine having to create a unified […]