Sea Glass Jewelry: History and Adventure Made Breathtakingly Beautiful

(DGIwire) — There’s something about sea glass. It conjures up childhood memories of treasure hunting sandy beaches and the excitement of reaching down to pick up a frosty piece of amber or blue mystery. Immediately the speculation begins. Was this piece a fragment from some pirate’s bottle of rum? Maybe that piece is the remnant […]

A Gem of a Start for Marriage-Shy Younger Generation

 (DGIwire) – Millennials are in no rush to run to the altar. That’s right: people age 18 to 28 are waiting longer to get married. Call it a generational difference: according to the Pew Research Center, only 25 percent of them are currently engaged or married. By comparison, almost 34 percent of Gen-Xers and 48 […]

A Gem from the Heavens: Brighter than a Diamond, Stronger than a Sapphire and Ethically Cultured

(DGIwire) – IF you’ve never heard of a moissanite, read this. In 1893, Dr. Henry Moissan, a French chemist, examined rock samples from Meteor Crater in northern Arizona. At first, he mistakenly identified what he found as diamonds. Later, in 1904, he correctly identified the crystals as silicon carbide. The mineral form of silicon carbide was subsequently […]

Showing Your Valentine Love — Without Going into Debt

 (DGIwire) — Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and even if we wanted to, we couldn’t escape its commercial aspects. Even for those who don’t partake in this essential Hallmark holiday, some of the most luxurious hotels in Los Angeles and New York are taking full advantage of the day’s romantic obligation by offering over-the-top […]

More Bling for the Buck: A New Kind of Statement

(DGIwire) — Once upon a time, when a man found the girl of his dreams, it was the start of a very stressful period in his life. If he didn’t have an heirloom or family ring to present to his bride-to-be, or tens of thousands of dollars to spend, a process began that has discouraged […]

The Next Best Choice to Make After Deciding to Propose

(DGIwire) — Speaking to all guys and gals planning to mark this year with a marriage proposal: congratulations. We all know how hard it is to find true love. After years of mediocre relationships, it’s wonderful to find the perfect soul mate and get ready to pop the question. But what about the ring? After deciding […]