Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Legal Problem

(DGIwire)   It isn’t always easy finding the right lawyer for a person’s needs. If all one needs is a simple power of attorney while away on vacation, it isn’t necessary to hire a lawyer that charges $500 per hour. On the other hand, if there are substantial assets and a complicated set of business […]

Hiring a Lawyer: Start Off Right

(DGIwire) When consumers become legal clients for the first time, they are usually presented with a version of a fee agreement that is completely new to them, full of concepts that are unknown and unfamiliar. Even movies and television, which often portray unrealistic pictures of what lawyers do, never bother discussing the employment contracts between […]

What If Your Lawyer Falls Apart?

(DGIwire) — Lawyers are people and people can have breakdowns. When we are deeply dependent upon a professional’s performance, and when that professional is our lawyer, the idea that the lawyer could have a breakdown is downright scary. But the truth is that lawyers do suffer breakdowns – and in much greater numbers than other […]