How To Handle Angry People

(DGIwire)  Being confronted with anger can quickly make anyone unhappy. Nobody likes to be angry. Nobody likes to be the recipient of angry words or actions.   Yet—anger is a normal emotion that is just one of the wide range of emotions normal to the human condition. Before the next time you are confronted with an […]

Why Leaders Must Take Risks

(DGIwire) — Life as we know it would be pretty boring if it weren’t for the risk takers. Humans wouldn’t have discovered how to fly if certain brave men and women didn’t risk everything venturing into the heavens. We wouldn’t watch those World Cup, Olympic athletes and X-Games contestants who awe us with their feats. […]

Conversational Intelligence: Do You Have It?

(DGIwire) — Given that we are all somewhat risk averse and tend to shy away from confrontation—in business and in our personal lives—communication between all of us has become severely disconnected.  Add to this our ever-present smart phones, our computers, and workaholics bringing projects home, and you can clearly see why distracted listening has turned into an epidemic. […]