Protecting Independent Artists in the Complex World of Music Publishing

 (DGIwire) – Imagine someone who’s always loved music and is now aiming to turn their passion into a profession. They’ve even written a few songs. Friends and family are telling them they’ve got what it takes to become the Next Big Thing in music, and they’ve even scored a regular gig at a local restaurant […]

Manhattan Center Productions Prepares for Bigger Piece of Recording World Pie

(DGIwire) – Back in April 2014, many of Lady Gaga’s “little monsters”—as well as fans of New Zealand’s pop darling Lorde—were on hand to attend their consecutive performances in the intimate setting of the Roseland Ballroom. Both events were bittersweet: Roseland shut its doors that month. At one time a New York institution, rent costs and other factors […]

Corporate Videos Help Start Ups Stand Out

 (DGIwire) — According to a CNNMoney report, during each month of 2010 no less than 340 out of every 100,000 U.S. adults launched their own business—creating 565,000 startups every 30 days. While a large percentage of these businesses never went anywhere, a select few did succeed. However, there are still more businesses needing investors than […]

Secrets Behind Compelling Television…Hint: It’s All Part of the Production

(DGIwire) — Let’s face it, Bravo TV has made a fortune from good editing. It’s no secret that reality shows can be made and broken in post production.  It’s become as important a part of the troika as picking the right cast members to creating the right environment. Think about how boring it would it […]

Are Major Recording Studios Still Big Business?

(DGIwire) — A number of music industry stars—from rockers to country artists—boast about their elaborate home recording studios. Advances in technology, particularly the availability of relevant computer software, has made it easier for professionals and amateurs alike to record music at home. Also, as record labels trim staffs and slash budgets, the demand has grown […]