YouTube Helping to Give Musicians a Step Up the Career Ladder

(DGIwire) – Over the last two decades, no other technological advance has revolutionized the modern world as much as the Internet. With regard to the music industry, no single website has been more transformative for today’s artists than YouTube. Before YouTube was launched on February 14, 2005, hosting a music video was almost impossible for […]

Secrets Behind Compelling Television…Hint: It’s All Part of the Production

(DGIwire) — Let’s face it, Bravo TV has made a fortune from good editing. It’s no secret that reality shows can be made and broken in post production.  It’s become as important a part of the troika as picking the right cast members to creating the right environment. Think about how boring it would it […]

Are Major Recording Studios Still Big Business?

(DGIwire) — A number of music industry stars—from rockers to country artists—boast about their elaborate home recording studios. Advances in technology, particularly the availability of relevant computer software, has made it easier for professionals and amateurs alike to record music at home. Also, as record labels trim staffs and slash budgets, the demand has grown […]