Unemployed? Make it ‘Work’ For You

(DGIwire) – A layoff can be devastating, especially if you’ve been working in the same industry for several years. And while the economy might be slightly better in 2015 than it was in 2007, too many Americans are getting “excessed” from jobs for any number of reasons. According to a study by the John J. […]

Blogging Blunders? How to Get the Most Out of Your Posts

(DGIwire) — It is a natural human impulse to write things down. After all, there’s a reason why contemporary audiences still read the diaries of Anne Frank, Sylvia Plath, Benjamin Franklin and Virginia Woolf. We enjoy hearing what other people have to say—especially those who have a unique viewpoint on life. There are a lot […]

Unleashing the ‘Creative Visionaries’ Among Us

(DGIwire)   Creativity: we all think we understand what it means. But what exactly is creativity? Of course it requires liberating our imaginations, thinking outside the box, and engaging the right side of our brains. But in today’s world, with the rate of change happening faster than ever the need has never been greater for […]