Authors: Pick Up Publicity Where Your Publisher Leaves Off

(DGIwire)  It’s no secret: the publishing industry has gone through something of an overhaul in recent years with the rise of self-publishing and the near-ubiquity of e-books. Today it’s harder than ever for an author—especially a new one who does not yet have a big following—to stand out among the rest. After all, not everyone […]

Honesty and Transparency: The Dynamic Duo of Corporate PR

(DGIwire) — In the fairy tale Pinocchio, the wooden boy’s nose grew whenever he told a lie, and until he learned to tell the truth, he could not become human. This feature of the beloved tale has been used for decades to teach children a useful lesson about lying. However, if this happened to us […]

Corporate Policy: Think Before You Post to Avoid Social Media Disasters

(DGIwire) — Social media has become a ubiquitous part of our lives. Every time we check LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, another person is writing a status about the minutiae of their day. Even A-List celebrities take time out of their busy schedules to interact with their fans on the Internet or post a “selfie.” But […]