An Instructional Manual for People’s Health: Practical Paleo

(DGIwire) — Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. But with the staggering statistic from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese, maybe a NUTRITIONAL instructional manual is what is needed? Diane Sanfilippo to the rescue. Sanfilippo is the best-selling author of Practical Paleo, which spent […]

This Camper Van Drives Kids’ Imaginations

(DGIwire) – Just about every suburban parent can attest to shrieking the words, “Go outside and play!” to their children. Outside time doesn’t just give Mom and Dad a break—it may be good for the kids as well. It gets a little worrisome to calculate the amount of daily screen time children get, between the […]

Unless Your Dog Can Buy His Own Supplements, You Should Probably Read This!

(DGIwire) — We all want what’s best for our fur babies. We feed them the healthiest food, wash them with the mildest shampoo, take them to the best vets and buy them the best treats and toys. We talk to them like they understand us, rejoice over successful bowel movements, agonize over imagined ailments and […]

Glue without Stickiness: Is It Possible?

(DGIwire) — Ever found yourself in a sticky situation? We sure have here at ReviewLoft. However, when we heard about Bondic®, the first liquid plastic welder that can fix just about anything, you can imagine how excited we were. The worst part about repairing something is the mess it creates, especially when using heavy-duty products like […]

Soaps, Goats, Happiness and Vitamins?

(DGIwire) – Could it be true that happy goats make happy soaps?   At Serenity Acres Farm™ the philosophy is that if the goats are happy…the soap is happy, too. That is quite a claim! So, when ReviewLoft received six different bars of the handmade Serenity Acres Farms soaps made with fresh goat’s milk, grade A […]

ReviewLoft: Praise for Your Product or Service that Could Change Everything

(DGIwire)  —, a new review platform that went live on December 7, offers an  innovative and highly effective way for companies to promote their product, service, event, site or travel destination across multiple channels to millions of potential customers.   This promotion is free, and open to all, but there is a strict selection process.  Those […]