Women Are Buying Their Own Gems and Making Smart Choices

(DGIwire) — When most people think of buying gems, a few scenes usually spring to mind: for example, a young couple standing at an engagement ring counter, or a stylishly dressed man at the counter trying to decide what to buy for someone’s birthday or anniversary. These images, however, are becoming a bit outdated. Today […]

The New 5 “C”s for Choosing a Gem

(DGIwire) — To the traditional three “C’s” of gem standards—color, cut and clarity—two additional “C’s” should be added for Cost and Cool, thanks to the arrival of moissanite, now recognized as the world’s most brilliant and ethical gem. Moissanite is a gem that literally had its beginnings in the stars: a meteorite crash-landed in Arizona 50,000 years […]

A Gem from the Heavens: Brighter than a Diamond, Stronger than a Sapphire and Ethically Cultured

(DGIwire) – IF you’ve never heard of a moissanite, read this. In 1893, Dr. Henry Moissan, a French chemist, examined rock samples from Meteor Crater in northern Arizona. At first, he mistakenly identified what he found as diamonds. Later, in 1904, he correctly identified the crystals as silicon carbide. The mineral form of silicon carbide was subsequently […]