Stuck? Displace Complacency by Answering These Five Questions

(DGIwire) — Thomas Edison once said, “We shall have no better conditions in the future if we are satisfied with all those which we have at present.” Too often, laziness can be disguised as satisfaction, and underneath satisfaction is complacency. After all, if nothing is wrong, why try to fix it? People find a satisfactory […]

20 Simple Ways to Get Happy!

(DGIwire) Want to take control of your mood and improve your health? Here are 20 simple things you can do to immediately start the day off right, turn a frown upside down and start kicking up your happiness quotient. Practice mindfulness. Laugh out loud. Watch Will Ferrell, Saturday Night Live, The Marx Brothers, Howard Stern—whatever […]

How Acceptance Will Improve Your Life

(DGIwire) — Do you have the ability to accept the things you can change…as well as the things you cannot change? Do you have the ability to accept that other people can only change themselves, rather than you changing them? Do you accept that you are who you are, regardless of what others think? Can […]

Beware of Labels

 (DGIwire) — Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching, the most widely published book in the world next to the Bible, is revered for its philosophical depth and practical wisdom.  In an interpretive book, The Parent’s Tao Te Ching (Marlowe & Co, 1999), William Martin distilled the essence of each of the Tao’s 81 chapters and freshly […]

Healing a Broken Heart

(DGIwire) — Heartbreak is an emotional pain that can feel like a physical blow. When an event or pent up emotion triggers heartache, all we want is for the deep pain to go away.  It feels bottomless and engulfing. How can you mend a broken heart? Both the question and answer sound cliché: Time heals all […]

Make No Mistake–There Are No Mistakes!

(DGIwire) — Recently I’ve been wishing that we could just throw away the word “mistake.” Can you imagine how refreshing life would be if we could eliminate that word from our everyday speech, the dictionary and the Internet? In fact, I don’t merely want to eliminate the word; I want to eradicate its very meaning. […]