Fake It ‘Til You Make It

(DGIwire) —  “Acting as if” or “faking it until you make it” are effective strategies for accomplishing goals and working through challenging times.  Neither should be confused as the same as lying. As discussed in a variety of books like The TurboCharged Mind, and others written to help us reach our personal improvement goals, “acting as if” […]

Habits: Who Needs Them?

(DGIwire) – We all develop habits, good or bad, whether we like them or not. Habits are trained into us through those that influence us through our observation and relationships.   Countless habits are formed throughout our lives. There are those good habits, like thinking kindly, exercising, and eating plenty of fruits and veggies.   But then […]

Listen Up: Nothing is Forever Except Social Media and Certain STDs

(DGIwire) — Scientists say that the human frontal lobe takes 25 years (almost there, Biebs!), sometimes more (hang in there, Ms. Lohan!) to fully develop. Nowhere is this more solidly evidenced than on social media. Today, millions of “duckfaced” young people worldwide share their twerking, drinking, fighting, bullying, simulating, stimulating, enticing, provoking, attacking, degrading, embarrassing, […]

Designing A Mental Blueprint for Action

(DGIwire) —  Want to tackle some self-improvement with the help of your brain?  In this excerpt from “The Science Behind The Law of Attraction: A Step-by-Step Guide to Putting the Brain Science Behind The Law of Attraction to Work For You” author and renown researcher  Dr. Srinivasan Pillay offers the following advice. We constantly hear that imagining what […]

Make No Mistake–There Are No Mistakes!

(DGIwire) — Recently I’ve been wishing that we could just throw away the word “mistake.” Can you imagine how refreshing life would be if we could eliminate that word from our everyday speech, the dictionary and the Internet? In fact, I don’t merely want to eliminate the word; I want to eradicate its very meaning. […]