Unique Technology “Smokes” Out Criminals

(DGIwire) — On April 4, 2011, the SecureCash cash depot outside Rotterdam, the Netherlands, was eerily quiet in the early morning hours, behind two stories of barbed wire and multiple security posts. Suddenly, out of a light mist, a black, new-model BMW M5 screamed to a stop. Five figures ran from the car, somehow making […]

Thieves Beware: You’re Already Marked Men

(DGIwire) — We’ve all seen this movie before: a masked man bursts into a drugstore, waving a gun in the air and demanding all the money in the register—and some pills to sell on the street. The clerk gives the money up, keeping his eyes down; he doesn’t want to see the guy’s face, which […]

DNA Technology Now Helping to Fight Crime in Sweden

(DGIwire) — In a perfect world, calories wouldn’t count, money would grow on trees and crime wouldn’t exist. In reality, we have to watch what we eat, work for our money and live in a world where criminals abound. Some roam the streets; others lurk in offices, homes or in front of computers worldwide. Fortunately, those in […]