An Inside Look into the Orphan’s Plight

(DGIwire) — For many people, what they think they know about the life of an orphan begins and ends with depictions of orphans in popular culture: for example, Little Orphan Annie and Huckleberry Finn. While these fictional characters may have given the public a cursory knowledge of what an orphan’s life might be like, they […]

What Low Numbers of Overseas Adoptions Mean for Children Worldwide

(DGIwire) — For decades, American couples looking to adopt a child have set their sights overseas. Whether they are unable to conceive a child of their own or are passionate about providing a home for a child who doesn’t have one, American couples have relied on countries such as China, Ethiopia, Ukraine, and Haiti to […]

Truths, Vulnerable Children and Sex Trafficking

(DGIwire) — While planning overseas vacations, many adventurous Americans are drawn to Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. In addition to boasting beautiful scenery and rich history, these countries are less expensive than your typical Western European vacation, as reported on This makes them attractive destinations, especially for students […]

Time to Speak Out Against Violence Toward Children

(DGIwire) — For many of us, the word “family” conjures up feelings of safety and stability, images of warm meals and holiday celebrations, and feeling supported during hard times. And while even the happiest of families may experience their fair share of conflict, if there’s a strong bond, reconciliation is usually possible. Domestic and sexual […]

Orphaned by Ebola: The Tragic Effect of a Deadly Virus

(DGIwire) — According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa was the largest viral outbreak in history, with more than 25,000 people contracting the virus and resulting in more than 10,000 deaths. And these numbers only refer to the three countries hit the hardest: Liberia, Sierra […]

Overcoming the Psychological Challenges of Transnational Adoptees

(DGIwire) – As if being adopted weren’t enough of a strain on a young person’s psyche, recent research from the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs—and reported in The Korea Herald—adds some sobering extra insight. According to the study, six in 10 Korean transnational adoptees have sought treatment for mental conditions, while 68.2 percent […]

Adoption: Isolation, Challenges and Hope

(DGIwire)   All teenagers struggle with feelings of isolation and the challenge of creating a strong identity. But for teens from Asia, Africa and South America who are adopted by American families, the feelings are especially acute. Many of them feel their past prevents them from integrating fully into their new family and new culture. Some yearn […]

Helping the Adopted Find Themselves: One Woman’s Quest

(DGIwire) – “Who am I?” It’s a question many of us ask growing up, as we struggle to shape our maturing selves. But the question is especially pressing for one group of kids: those from Asia, Africa and South America who are adopted by American families. Some of these children yearn to connect not only […]

Book Puts Searing Spotlight on Global Orphan Epidemic

(DGIwire) We hear of a missing child, and the nation goes on alert—literally.  The Amber Alert is just part of the massive search that ensues.  In 2013 there were 462,567 entries for missing children under the age of 18, reports the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.   The U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency […]