Why a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Are Easier Said Than Done

(DGIwire) — Lifestyle discipline, which includes diet, exercise, activity, sleep, and so forth, requires controlling impulses and emotions. When emotions rule our life, excess fat and poor health are usually the result. This is why successful “dieters” follow a thoroughly tested strategy. They follow a program that has been proven effective for all kinds of people, including […]

The Search For Overnight Diet Results

(DGIwire) — Many sincere yet frequent dieters have difficulty facing a cold, hard fact about weight, optimal body composition and fat loss:  It doesn’t happen overnight. The successful ones expect to make big changes and ultimately reach the goal. They focus on making as many reasonable lifestyle related choices as possible.  They do not focus on […]

Avocados: Eat ‘Em Up

(DGIwire)  A research team in Mexico has discovered promising health benefits of avocado oil. A number of environmental factors can turn the oxygen molecules found in mitochondria, the power plants of cells, into free radicals.  Free radicals are unstable molecules that can destroy virtually all the normal molecules responsible for forming cells.  They have an […]