Fueling Growth Without Venture Capital Gains Appeal

(DGIwire) – When asked, a significant number of startup founders would probably claim it is nearly impossible to launch and scale a company without the financial backing of outsiders such as venture capitalists. As a recent article in AmericanInno.com reported, VC money can indeed help in a big way, providing cash to hire a good […]

9 Must-Knows for Attracting Investors

(DGIwire) — Whether crowd-funding, seeking capital for growth, or even if you’re at the helm of an established public company, for those seeking to raise money during any phase of a company’s cycle, it would be wise to study and live by the following imperatives shared in this article. Studying and taking these insightful tips seriously, while making […]

Reducing the Threat of Maritime Piracy via GHOST-ly Technology

(DGIwire) – When envisioning life in the 21st century, pirates don’t usually come to mind. However, maritime piracy is still a very real threat, with potentially devastating consequences. In the North Carolina Bar Association Newsletter, attorney and maritime expert Anthony S. Ketron recently outlined the extensive reach of the phenomenon. Modern piracy, he wrote, now plagues extensive areas […]

A Breakthrough for Kidney Cancer, Brought to Us by a Caring Investor

 (DGIwire) — Most of us don’t think about our kidneys until something goes wrong. Since each of us has two but can survive with one, kidney transplants have become one of the more popular transplant procedures. According to the National Kidney Foundation, more than 14,000 kidney transplants took place in 2013 alone. According to the American […]

Early Stage Investors: Way More Than Just Money

(DGIwire) — According to Webster’s New World Finance and Investment Dictionary, an “early stage investment” is “the financing provided by a venture capital firm to a company after it has received its initial, or seed, financing.” The definition goes on to state that it’s likely the product or service is still being “tested or still […]