Eliminating Diabetes

(DGIwire) — In 2015, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimated the number of people with diabetes was 415 million. The actual number however, may be as high as 520 million, according to researchers from Monash University with partners in the UK and US. They say that the incidence of global diabetes has been grossly underestimated […]

Body Mass Index vs. Body Fat Percentage

 (DGIwire) — Body Mass Index (BMI) and Body Fat Percentage (BF%) are often confused and even used interchangeably. However, they are not the same, and people need to understand the difference in their usefulness for health assessment. There is a health correlation between height and weight in the general population. BMI is a number that is based on […]

The Link Between Wealth, Fast Food & Obesity

(DGIwire) — Researchers from the University of Michigan collected data suggesting a correlation between the number of fast food restaurants and obesity rates.  This may sound like old news but scope of the data they analyzed is impressive and their conclusions compelling. In the study, they looked at 26 wealthy nations.  It is the wealthy […]