Microbes and Mood: A Gut Feeling?

(DGIwire) —  The National Microbiome Initiative was started by the U.S. Government this year with a budget of five-hundred million dollars. Microbiomes are not a common dinner table subject but perhaps that will soon be changing. According to Wikipedia, microbiota, microbiome and microbe are largely synonymous and are used to describe “the ecological community of […]

The # 1 Factor for TurboCharged Health

(DGIwire) — The most important consideration for optimal health is diet.  What you eat and drink will determine your level of health and body composition more than anything else you do.  Your activity level is important too but does not even come close to diet.  In fact, being optimally active and exercising will never overcome […]

Be-ing an Artist

(DGIwire) — Artistic expression is sharing love for life and heartfelt pain with the world.   Art can be expressed in many forms:  something as simple as choosing to express yourself with clothing selections is just as artistic as choosing to write your thoughts on paper or painting a picture or creating a garden.  To allow […]

The Gap Between Diet Intention and Results

  (DGIwire) — Once again, surveys show that losing weight is one of the top New Year resolutions.  These same surveys also show that over 60% of those who made the resolution last year failed but will still make the same resolution this year. An AARP survey of 1006 adults found that over 50% are […]

The Skinny on Calories and Dieting

(DGIwire) — Many people try to lose weight or get rid of excess fat that never seems to disappear. Some have tried all the latest diets and failed; others have successfully lost weight, only to gain it back. These people may be looking for a “secret” to lose their excess fat and finally have and maintain […]