So You Want To Write The Great American Novel?

(DGIwire)   If you’ve ever found yourself staring out of your office window at work, daydreaming about leaving your corporate job behind and plunging head-first into the creative world, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, if you do a quick Google search for “Should I Write A Book?” you’ll get inundated with conflicting advice, and even more […]

An Insider’s Guide to Writing the Book of Your Dreams

(DGIwire)   Climb Mount Everest, travel the world, and write a best-selling book: three common yet seemingly unattainable “bucket list” items. Which one of these most closely resembles your goals? If you’re not an athlete in top shape or don’t have the extravagant funds or time to travel extensively, perhaps writing a book has crossed […]

Resolving to Finally Write Your Book This Year!

(DGIwire)  We all procrastinate in one area or another. It is part of the human condition to put off what you don’t want to do, or what you find difficult or distasteful. That’s why everyone plans to start a new diet on a Monday—so they can indulge over the weekend. Then Monday comes, along with […]