The Cost: A Political Drama Comes to Tribeca


(DGIwire) – In this season of high political turmoil, a different type of politics will be playing on the stage at New York City’s BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center on Saturday, October 22, 2016. The venue will host a performance of The Cost, a stage play written by Aquaila Shene Barnes and directed by Barbara Montgomery.

The Cost follows the behind-the-scenes drama of the Foster family as they maneuver one of the most exciting political races in Ohio history. The brain trust of the campaign is Nicole Foster, sister and campaign manager to candidate Thomas Foster, Jr. Respected as a gifted politician in her own right, Nicole must take a back seat as their father has chosen her less-talented brother as “the one” to become the youngest and first African American governor of Ohio. Race, gender, sexuality and a parent’s unfulfilled promise set the direction this race will take.

The Foster Campaign goes on a roller coaster ride from underdog to potential front-runner. However, the moment comes when the family is faced with a choice that could solidify their win yet go against everything the campaign stands for. When the stakes are high…when family secrets could potentially destroy all they have worked for…when what they have dreamed of all their lives is virtually in sight…this story asks, “How far are you willing to go to win and prove yourself to others?”

“I wrote this play to examine the choices we make and the price we are willing to pay for those choices,” says Ms. Barnes. “Politics is a perfect backdrop to explore choices made from authenticity versus choices made from obligation. Choices made from obligation often leave us to question, ‘Is it worth it?’ Choices made from authenticity often challenge us to ask, ‘Can I be courageous enough to stand in my truth?’ Nicole, Thomas, Jr. and all the characters in this story have a moment where these questions are asked. I am delighted to be working with Barbara as director in addition to the first-rate cast members who we have engaged for this performance on October 22.”

Developed in several New York City workshops, The Cost had its most recent presentations at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, directed by Ms. Montgomery; in Woody King’s New Federal Theater Playwright’s Lab; and as part of the Readers’ Series at the National Black Theatre Festival in Winston-Salem, NC.

Ms. Barnes has also written the critically acclaimed stage play My People, My People along with newer works such as Sisters, and has performed in various venues across the U.S. In addition to her playwriting, her work encompasses poetry, short stories and documentaries.

For more information about the performance of The Cost on October 22 in New York City, please contact the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center located at 199 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10009 or call: 212.220.1460

Image: Playwright Aquaila Shene Barnes.