The Latest Fashion Trend: Shake-Ups in the C-Suite

Businessman leading team of colleagues

(DGIwire) – The fashion industry is in a state of flux in 2016. According to The Financial Times, a wide-ranging set of factors—including challenging economic headwinds and an exodus of designer talent from some major fashion houses—has precipitated the turmoil.

One particular source of upheaval in the fashion world is due to shake-ups in the C-suite. As The New York Times recently noted, success for a brand often depends on the unpredictable alchemy of the designer/executive relationship. Periodic change at the top is normal, says the Times, but the corporate reshuffle that has occurred in recent months has been especially dramatic.

Furthermore, the Times notes, executives—along with designers—tend to become closely identified with their brands among industry-watchers, so that when personnel changes are announced, there is likely to be speculation regarding the future direction of the brand. As executives make the jump from one fashion house to another, the fast-paced game of musical chairs may result in the institution of new sales strategies, new approaches to retail and e-tail, and new product categories—each of which can influence the company’s fortunes.

“Although corporate staffing changes are to be expected in fashion as in any other industry, each particular person can impact the brand identity,” says Rebecca Cenni, founder and CEO of Atrium Staffing. “It is extremely important for a fashion house to undertake the task of attracting fresh talent with expertise. Often, many companies turn to firms that can provide a full range of talent solutions.”

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Given that New York happens to be the fashion capital of the U.S., it is no surprise that Atrium Staffing has been instrumental in staffing numerous fashion companies that have a presence in the city.

“A staffing agency with extensive fashion-industry experience can be a label’s best friend when workforces are being built up or personnel changes need to be made,” adds Ms. Cenni.