The Search For Overnight Diet Results

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(DGIwire) — Many sincere yet frequent dieters have difficulty facing a cold, hard fact about weight, optimal body composition and fat loss:  It doesn’t happen overnight. The successful ones expect to make big changes and ultimately reach the goal. They focus on making as many reasonable lifestyle related choices as possible.  They do not focus on a single, life-changing food, exercise, supplement or pill.

Many “dieters” also realize this reality, but it is hard to accept.  Some are initially drawn to almost unbelievable claims of people making incredible progress very quickly. It is dangerous to approach dieting from this perspective.  It directly contradicts the fact that it’s going to take some time before one arrives at their ideal body composition.

Understand that “quick, almost overnight results” are just a fantasy.  If you don’t, you are setting yourself for frustration and disappointment.

Follow the guidelines of any diet to the letter and you will most likely lose a significant amount of weight the first week. Unfortunately, when following most typical diets a large part of this initial loss is water, along with some fat and usually some muscle mass.  The scale however, does show that you weigh less.

When this happens, you might believe it is a good strategy and continue even if results slow down dramatically or stop completely.  Riskier diet plans or taking pills with the hope of being able to accelerate your progress may tempt you.  Listening to such outlandish claims, you may stray from an effective strategy that was producing steady results because you are convinced you can lose even more weight.

“It’s important to be realistic.  People don’t get fat overnight.  It is unlikely that optimal body composition will be achieved in a month.  However, with the right strategy you will see obvious and encouraging results in this time period but it will take longer to get where you really want to be.  How long depends on where you start, the program you follow and how consistently you follow it,” according to Tom Griesel, co-author of TurboCharged: Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust.

Ongoing and permanent success usually requires a change in your lifestyle.  For some it needs to be a radical change.  Make no mistake; the change and payoff are definitely worth the effort.

Consistency is the key.  It’s vital to your success and ultimately your health and wellbeing that you keep the proper perspective. Focus on the process of sticking with the program through good times as well as bad times. Recognize that this is a process that may take longer than you’d like to complete.

Griesel adds, “It takes time to succeed and you need to address several key areas for the best results.  With this perspective, you will be satisfied with your results and progress over time and realize that you are among the select few people who are advancing on the path to ideal body composition and optimal health.”

Realistic goals, discipline and consistency are the only things that will help you get closer and closer to your goal and optimal health.