Thieves Beware: You’re Already Marked Men

APDN Smoke Cloak

(DGIwire) — We’ve all seen this movie before: a masked man bursts into a drugstore, waving a gun in the air and demanding all the money in the register—and some pills to sell on the street. The clerk gives the money up, keeping his eyes down; he doesn’t want to see the guy’s face, which he can then identify, and risk getting killed in the process. Two minutes later, the criminal is out the door and thinks he’s in the clear pretty easily, with cash and pills. Or so he thinks.

That’s because he’s missed two things. The first is a sign marking the business as being protected by DNAnet®. The second is a little box placed just over the door that tagged him with an indelible DNA-based spray that linked him inextricably to the crime scene. He’s bound to be caught red-handed; he just won’t know it until the cops train an ultraviolet light on him.

Nobody needs to be told that property crime is a major source of loss for businesses and homeowners alike. According to the FBI “Crime in the United States 2012” report, there were almost 900,000 property crime offenses that year alone. Those offenses cost U.S. citizens some $15.5 billion and nearly all of them are preventable with proper security. How many of those perps could have been caught? Wouldn’t every business owner take one simple step to ensure that their money stays in the right hands—theirs?

Applied DNA Sciences, based in Stony Brook, NY, with its trademark DNAnet intruder marking system, is a one-stop shop for everything owners need to protect their businesses. Its system can either be deployed as a standalone unit or integrated as a key piece of an existing security system.

Here’s how it works: when an intruder enters the employee or homeowner presses an inconspicuous button arming the DNAnet forensic marking system. Should no one be present, the unit can also trigger automatically. The intruder thinks he’s getting what he wants with little to no resistance and flees the premises. As he’s exiting, a DNAnet unit placed just above the door sprays him with a UV fluorescent spray. He’s none the wiser. Then, when the police get their man, they run a light over him, illuminating the DNA mark. The evidence is then sent to Applied DNA Sciences, where technicians match the DNA on the perp to the mark sprayed at the crime scene. Finally, the DNA analysis is summarized and presented in an Expert Witness Report.

Dr. James A. Hayward, President and CEO of Applied DNA Sciences, says, “We know that onsite theft is a major source of loss for both small business owners and large corporations. With our specialized, DNA-based security systems, we help ensure that nobody gets away with stealing from business owners or their stores.”