This GHOST Has Us Covered

Ghost on Water

 (DGIwire) — The 2013 movie Captain Phillips, starring Tom Hanks as the title character, depicts the true story of a U.S. cargo ship hijacked by Somali pirates. Although the word “pirate” might conjure up images of Captain Hook or other fictional swashbucklers with big hats and bottles of rum, piracy is actually a very real threat, as witnessed in the movie. Although the film is highly entertaining and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, it’s important to remember that the events it portrays put many American lives in danger. What makes it even more frightening is that those in harm’s way weren’t in the military. They had no combat training, but had to fight as best they could in international waters to protect their ship and their lives.

Recently, one remarkable company has taken up the challenge of protecting American lives in rough waters. Based in Portsmouth, NH, Juliet Marine Systems is a think tank and leading developer of innovative maritime transport systems, both manned and unmanned. Its intent is to solve the needs of the commercial, surface warfare, submarine warfare and special operations communities. Its newest product is called GHOST. Compared to an attack helicopter on water, GHOST is a high-speed craft specifically designed to protect vital waterways from terrorism and piracy. Using supercavitation technology and high-performance jet engines, GHOST achieves unparalleled speeds and hull friction reduction. Its large fuel capacity allows for long-term missions, and its heavy weapons payload capacity ensures it can be properly stocked with weapons to meet any potential threat.

According to the Juliet Marine team, its recent research shows that future marine conflicts are bound to happen in coastal waters, which will require naval forces to operate closer to shore. However, most navies aren’t agile enough to protect the tight coastlines. This is where GHOST has the advantage. Its unique combination of speed, maneuverability and endurance provide the ideal characteristics for waterway protection. It’s designed to engage potential enemy swarms before they can even penetrate an effective attack range.

As a maritime systems think tank, Juliet Marine’s team of specialists pride themselves on their ability to continually develop the cutting-edge technology necessary to meet the specific needs of each mission. Under President and CEO Gregory E. Sancoff’s guidance, the company’s experts are dedicated to enhancing commercial maritime applications, special operations support, ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) and force protection. “We’ve taken the concept of ‘thinking outside the box’ to a whole new level,” says Sancoff. “We challenge our own system research, designs, and modes of development and production.”

Juliet Marine is also known for its collaborations, and continually works with top research institutions and universities to keep its knowledge fresh. “Our team is highly trained to think of nontraditional solutions for today’s military needs,” Sancoff adds. “We are proud of our collaborations, and hope to continue to maintain and expand these beneficial relationships.”

“Having the radar-invisible GHOST bear down on you out of nowhere, missiles armed and ready, at 60 knots should put the fear into the heart of every sea pirate,” says Kevin J. Kinsella, founding partner of Avalon Ventures and JMS lead investor. “Our test pilot for GHOST is ex- Navy SEAL Team Six who participated in the rescue of both Captain Phillips and Jessica Buchanan.”

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