This Tablet Is Worth Writing Home About

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(DGIwire) — In the market for a tablet but a bit shellshocked by the prices? Confused whether to go Android or Apple? Before deciding, it’s worth taking a look at the binj XS Tablet for Android. In a tech industry where today’s top product is tomorrow’s dinosaur, we at ReviewLoft found the Binj XS to offer amazing features at a phenomenal price. Why break the bank on a tablet that users will be looking to replace when next year’s newest editions hit the market?

Binj, a company based in Redmond, WA, makes choosing the next device a little easier with its XS Tablet for Android. The binj XS is visually stunning and lightning fast yet it will not put a dent in consumers’ budgets. Sure, one can purchase the latest iPad Mini 16GB for more than $350 or one could venture into the 64GB Mini for around $500, but the binj XS is available on the web, at, for under $200 (presently on sale for $139.00), an unheard-of price for the quality features offered.

Its features include:

  • Screen resolution that will knock users’ socks off (best-in-class 2049×1538 with more than three million pixels)
  • A solid state 32GB hard drive on which users can store a host of photos, documents, games and downloaded movies
  • A portable screen size (7.85″ high-definition, touch-screen display) and lightweight materials (1.6 lbs.)
  • A super-fast processor (Quad Core, ARM Cortex A17) for smooth video playback and fast gaming speeds
  • A mini SSD card drive for extra storage capabilities
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology

If that were it, this tablet would already be a bargain, but add all this to the fact that the binj XS comes standard with an onboard HDMI out plug (not available on Apple devices) that allows users to hook their new tablet into a television to play video games, watch movies or share photos on a larger screen, and they have the total package at an incredible price.

Sure, a fully charged battery lasts for around six hours, a little bit less than other tablets on the market, but then again, what tablet even comes close to the feature-dense binj XS in this price range? As the company says, this tablet is “feature rich—wallet friendly” and who does not like that? Before going out and paying top dollar for a new tablet, take a look at the binj XS Tablet for Android; it just may be the tablet many users have been looking for all along.

ReviewLoft received one binj XS tablet which we tested and used for 30 days prior to writing this review.  No other compensation was received. See our Review Policy at