Tips to Quit Mindless Eating

Man Looking Inside Fridge Full Of Food And Choosing Apple

(DGIwire)  Most health advocates advise eating only when you are actually hungry. The trick is to recognize real hunger from unnecessary cravings and make meal choices based around appropriate natural and nutrient dense foods. We need to reduce the triggers that lead to overeating and fat storage while training our body to burn our excess fat for energy.

This is actually accomplished quite easily from a physiological perspective.  Your body intuitively recognizes the difference between empty calories and nutrient dense foods and will subsequently be more satisfied with less calories and will send fewer hunger signals when your diet is optimal.

However, most people eat too much of the wrong things and this is usually caused by our past psychological associations with eating foods that tend to get in the way of our progress.  We “just know” we should be eating or we get the urge for something and rationalize that it is a well deserved “treat” for our efforts.

Another challenge to overcome is that thirst is often confused for hunger because most of the natural foods we consumed during our evolution were moisture rich and provided hydration as well as nutritious calories.

Do you find yourself eating to reduce stress, deal with boredom, to bring comfort for sadness, to reduce anger or perhaps for no reason at all?  It is very important to pay attention to the times you eat even though you are not actually hungry.  Your long term health depends on it.

Sometimes we eat strictly based on habit.

Tom Griesel, co-author of TurboCharged: Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust  offers the following technique to eliminate mindless eating and improve your diet:

Pay close attention when that little voice in your head is calling for a candy bar, donut or some other unhealthy food. As soon as you notice it, mentally say “STOP!” and snap your fingers.  This gives a mental as well as a physical queue to break the thought pattern.  Then, tell yourself that you do not want to eat or drink whatever it was.  And, also tell yourself that you always choose to eat only healthy foods.  Then drink a large glass or two of water and the urge will usually pass.

If the urge strikes again, swish with mouthwash.   After the mouthwash…if you still feel hungry, go ahead and eat.  Just make it a healthful, nutrient-filled whole food.

In the beginning, you may find that it is necessary to work these steps this many times during the day.  However, with each subsequent day, the number of these “urges” will decrease until they no longer pop up.  Be on your guard however, because we all have experiences deep within our subconscious minds associated with food which can trigger an urge, seemingly out of nowhere, months or even years after we feel we have successfully kicked the habit.

This trick is designed to replace a bad habit with another more appropriate one.  The technique can be used to encourage many other beneficial changes beyond food.  Many smokers have successfully kicked the habit forever, never relapsing or missing it, using this very same simple method.

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