Women Are Buying Their Own Gems and Making Smart Choices

A woman is in the jewelry store

(DGIwire) — When most people think of buying gems, a few scenes usually spring to mind: for example, a young couple standing at an engagement ring counter, or a stylishly dressed man at the counter trying to decide what to buy for someone’s birthday or anniversary. These images, however, are becoming a bit outdated. Today many women are buying their own gems for all occasions, and also buying them for their daughters, in-laws, friends and others.

According to a study by the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council, most females who planned to make a gem purchase were likely to do so for themselves. Today’s entrepreneurial women have a greater sense of independence and disposable income than ever before, which allows them to make gem purchases. They are also likely to have their own style and taste, with distinct preferences as to what type of gem they would like to wear.

However, not every woman wants to go to a store and stand there by herself looking through one glass case after another. Nor does she necessarily want to be extravagant. Many women would rather have a larger variety of more moderately priced pieces than only one expensive piece. The option of purchasing such beautiful pieces online at whatever hour makes the process even more appealing. So does calculating what she wants to spend without a salesperson looming over her.

Combining this trend with the rise of online retail helps explain the growing appeal of a new gem class.

For example, Charles & Colvard is the sole source of Forever Brilliant®moissanite gems, which are brighter than diamonds and stronger than sapphires, rubies or emeralds. The Forever Brilliant gems are available in many different cuts and sizes, and set in precious metals to enhance their beauty.

Randy N. McCullough, Chief Executive Officer of Charles & Colvard, says, “It’s our goal to give smart, confident, independent-thinking women more options than ever before while also satisfying their aesthetic tastes for beautiful gems that can tastefully be worn every day or saved for special occasions.”

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