YouTube Helping to Give Musicians a Step Up the Career Ladder

Music recording studio

(DGIwire) – Over the last two decades, no other technological advance has revolutionized the modern world as much as the Internet. With regard to the music industry, no single website has been more transformative for today’s artists than YouTube.

Before YouTube was launched on February 14, 2005, hosting a music video was almost impossible for all but established names.  For starters, it required setting up an expensive media server—essentially a hard drive with the ability to record video or audio files and the ability to output video or audio files to a television or sound system. Likewise, singers who spent years toiling in tiny venues for little or no pay hoping to be discovered had to spend tons of money for bandwidth on every type of stream.

Now someone can upload a video of him or herself for free, and if it is seen by the right person on YouTube, they could potentially attract millions of views, land a recording contract deal and begin a whole new celebrity life. In 2008, when Justin Bieber’s mom uploaded videos of her son singing to YouTube to share with family and close friends, she had no idea the videos would be seen by music manager Scooter Braun.

Of course, simply uploading a video to YouTube doesn’t guarantee the same scenario even if you have the goods. However, it can increase the likelihood of someone with real talent getting their foot in the proverbial door.

So can working at a professional studio to produce a professional video. And one can’t do much better for that than working with the professionals at Manhattan Center Productions in midtown Manhattan. With a gifted and technologically savvy team comprised of recording engineers and television studio personnel (camera crew, sound engineers, etc.), they have an unrivaled track record in helping to make every musician’s video stand out.

Manhattan Center has been the site of countless broadcasts, film score recordings, Tony Award-winning Broadway albums, telethons and one-of-a-kind performances for more than a century. In addition to the Hammerstein Ballroom and Grand Ballroom that serve as its live performance venues, Manhattan Center Productions’ elaborately outfitted recording studios supply the perfect combination to satisfy any client, including multiple video recording facilities, and post-production suites with more than 24 editing rooms.

OBie O’Brien, Manhattan Center Productions’ Director of Sales and Marketing, says, “Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, today’s music executives are more likely than ever to find the next ‘big thing’ online. It certainly supplements the traditional route—sifting through thousands of demo CDs, scouring small clubs and hoping for good word- of-mouth on new talent. That’s why going the YouTube route, in addition to live performances and recordings, is a smart way to go. Our role is to provide today’s up-and-coming musicians with the technical tools needed to help them put their best foot forward.”

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