ZapGo Names LiFun ‘Business Partner of the Year 2018’

OXFORD, UK and Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, China – October 29, 2018 — ZapGo Ltd has named LiFun Technology Co Ltd (LiFun) its ‘Business Partner of the Year 2018’ at its Strategic Planning session held recently in Oxford. Three senior members of the LiFun team—Dr. Kent Tu, CEO and founder; Michael Tau, Vice President; and Cendy Liu, key account manager—participated in the event as guests of honor.

Stephen Voller, ZapGo’s CEO and founder, said, “This award is a celebration of the deep partnership between our two companies and a recognition of the great contribution LiFun is making to our development into a volume manufacturing business. We look forward to many more years of continued cooperation and mutual success.”

ZapGo’s technology, called “Carbon-Ion” or C-Ion®, draws on the principles of the supercapacitor or “ultracapacitor,” an established technology known for its speed of charge, high power and durability, but which is lacking in energy. The Oxford-based R&D company takes these principles to a new level through a combination of advanced nano-carbons and a novel electrolyte that yields both power and energy in the same package. The goal is an electric vehicle (EV) that charges in the same few minutes it takes to fill a tank with gasoline or diesel and can be driven 250 miles (400km). ZapGo has previously announced that it is working with Williams Advanced Engineering, the technology and engineering services offshoot of Williams F1, in a consortium seeking to deliver a longer-lasting, faster-charging, higher-energy battery system for EVs.

Kent Tu, CEO and founder of LiFun, said, “We have been honored to work with ZapGo for the last 16 months preparing to scale up its technology at our manufacturing facility. It’s an important validation for us that ZapGo has been selected to work with Williams. We want to demonstrate the viability of a hybrid battery management system that goes beyond what’s currently available to EV manufacturers. The time is right to demonstrate that Carbon-Ion technology can deliver safe, fast charging.”



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About ZapGo Ltd

ZapGo Ltd is a technology company based at the Harwell Research Campus, Oxford with a US office in Charlotte, NC. Combining novel nano-carbon materials with proprietary electrolytes they produce an ultra-fast, safe, recyclable charging power module that charges in less than five minutes. For more information, please visit


About LiFun Technology Co

LiFun is an advanced battery technology manufacturer based in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, People’s Republic of China. Employing more than 600 people, LiFun has manufactured more than 40 million cells since it was founded in 2013. Key customers and partners include 3M, Foxconn, Kyocera, Sennheiser, Compal and Fossil. For more information, please visit