Add A Health Habit Today

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(DGIwire) Most people are stuck when it comes to their diet, lifestyle and health.  This is because they have conflicts.  Not from the outside, but from within themselves.  They want to lose weight, get in shape or be healthier but they don’t want to give up their current diet and lifestyle habits.  They are afraid the change will somehow be more … [Continue reading...]

Drug Addiction Among Aging Baby Boomers: a Growing Trend

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(DGIwire) – These days, some people at risk for drug addiction have a few more wrinkles and gray hair than many might expect. Unlike their younger counterparts, it isn’t peer pressure or the drive to experiment that compels folks age 50 and older to get high: instead, it’s due to a range of life issues. So says a recent study issued by the … [Continue reading...]

8 Tips to Building a Social Media Army

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(DGIwire) -- Thanks to the popularity of social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, online sharing is now at an all-time high. This trend has enabled companies to identify consumers who love their products or services. Their enthusiastic feedback turns them into “brand marketers.” Galvanizing the support of … [Continue reading...]

Getting Engaged? Learn from Celebrities’ Mistakes

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(DGIwire) – These days, celebrity marriages are about as stable as a straw hut on a windy beach—they fall apart almost as soon as they’re built. However, this doesn’t stop the rich and famous from dropping millions on engagement rings. For example, take the infamous Paris Hilton, heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune, and her ex-fiancé Paris Latsis, … [Continue reading...]

New Treatment Aims to Save Parkinson’s Patients from Their Worst Nightmare

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(DGIwire) -- Every time we walk, talk, type on a computer, compute a tip at a restaurant, eat, read a book and continue to breathe, we owe a “thank you” to our brain—comparable to a computer’s central processing unit. Although the adult human brain only weighs an average of three pounds, it’s responsible for controlling almost every single thing … [Continue reading...]

How ‘Big Data’ Is Advancing Personalized Medicine

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(DGIwire) – We’ve all been told from a young age that everyone is unique. This is true for more than personality: each person has many distinct characteristics that define his or her physiology. Given the complexity of the human body, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the nature of disease—from onset to treatment—can be just as distinctive from … [Continue reading...]

Helping Diabetics Cope: The Dos & Don’ts

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(DGIwire) -- As with most illnesses, family and friends can be true lifelines for people living with diabetes. They can lend a helping hand or shoulder to lean on at just the right moment. However, it can sometimes be difficult for loved ones who want to offer diabetes support to know the difference between being helpful and being a nag. With this … [Continue reading...]

Operating in Small Spaces Inside the Body Might Get a Lot Easier

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(DGIwire)  Enjoy very spicy foods? Although delicious, they can sometimes cause intestinal troubles, including heartburn, acid reflux and diarrhea. Fortunately, these symptoms are seldom more than temporary. But for people suffering with a condition called GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), it’s not just spicy foods that can cause this … [Continue reading...]

For Those with Chronic Pain, the Goal is Relief

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(DGIwire) Regardless of whether or not you are a fan of football, baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer or any other sport—it’s hard not to get captured by the excitement once the Super Bowl, World Series, the Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, World Cup or any of the other tests of athletic superiority grip the masses. Sport aficionados and the less … [Continue reading...]

‘Ghost’ Ship Could Offer Unique Platform for Navy’s Unmanned Surface Vehicle Autonomous Swarm Technology, CARACaS

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(DGIwire) -- In May 2014, the naval chief of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard voiced a warning to the United States: Iran would target American aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf if a war between the two countries ever broke out. Admiral Ali Fadawi, who heads the hardline Guard’s naval forces, said that the immense size of the U.S. carriers … [Continue reading...]