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The ‘Second Screen’ as Important as the First in TV Viewing

connected to a television

(DGIwire) -- For most of television’s 85-year history, the viewer was simply that: a watcher who passively absorbed content from their living room or den. Any active engagement with the program—and as a result, any influence over its popularity—came later, when they talked to friends, family or coworkers about it. But as it has done with almost … [Continue reading...]

To Address School Safety, New Hampshire Embraces Cutting-Edge Technology

Young handsome policeman

(DGIwire) – Imagine that a gunman has penetrated a school’s perimeter. While the principal calls 911 to report an emergency, the call goes to a dispatch center, is put on hold, then transferred to another call center before being relayed to police officers in the area to respond. Precious minutes tick away—time that could mean the difference … [Continue reading...]

Zeroing In on the Development and Treatment of a Rare Lymphoma

cancer cell

(DGIwire) – A study recently published in Nature Genetics, led by researchers at Stanford University, revealed a group of mutations possibly responsible for the development of a rare blood cancer—cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL). According to Lymphoma News Today, which reported on the study, CTCL has no cure and usually does not respond well to … [Continue reading...]

Pursuit of Happiness: It’s All in Your Head

Pointing With Finger

(DGIwire) -- When the question, “What do you most want in life?” is posed, it doesn’t take people too long to reply—because for many, the answer is simply, “To be happy.” Happiness is something everybody wants. Some people manage to maintain a good grasp on happiness while others struggle to hang on to it. In a society that grows more complex … [Continue reading...]

Skateboarding Champs Make History in Chicago


(DGIwire) – October 4 was a momentous day in the world of professional skateboarding. At Chicago’s UIC Pavilion Center, two Brazilians, Kelvin Hoefler and Leticia Bufoni, took home top honors at the 2015 Street League Skateboarding (SLS) Nike SB Super Crown World Championship—the official street skateboarding world championship as recognized by the … [Continue reading...]

Five Types of Headache: A Heady Guide to Telling Them Apart

Feeling awful, I am having headache.

(DGIwire) – Your head hurts like crazy and you need relief. But to pursue the appropriate treatment, it’s first important to know exactly what kind of headache you’re experiencing. Here, as summarized by Health magazine, are the characteristics of five different kinds of headache: Migraine headaches: Lasting between four and 72 hours, migraines … [Continue reading...]

The Search For Overnight Diet Results

Young shy woman lying in bed hiding under duvet blanket

(DGIwire) -- Many sincere yet frequent dieters have difficulty facing a cold, hard fact about weight, optimal body composition and fat loss:  It doesn’t happen overnight. The successful ones expect to make big changes and ultimately reach the goal. They focus on making as many reasonable lifestyle related choices as possible.  They do not focus on … [Continue reading...]

Would Kermit and Miss Piggy Get Back Together If They Did This?

Surprised Baby

(DGIwire) – On September 22, The Muppets made their long-awaited return to prime-time network television—but something is different this time around: Kermit and the gang are dealing with a host of personal dramas, “mockumentary”-style. As we follow the gang as they work backstage at Miss Piggy’s show-within-a-show, Up Late with Miss Piggy, we’re … [Continue reading...]

Is PTSD Linked to Traumatic Brain Injury?

Soldier suffering from postraumatic stress disorder

(DGIwire) -- A recent study on veterans’ brains reported a previously unrecognized link between post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), according to a July 24, 2015 article in Though the conditions are separate, they may also be related, both by their connections to elevated suicide and disability … [Continue reading...]

Research Rocks: George Washington University’ Labs Are On Trend in Academia

young scientists making test or research in lab

(DGIwire) -- When George Washington University unveiled a new $275 million research building in March 2015, an event reported in The Washington Post, the message was clear. First, GWU aims to be on the cutting edge of fields as far-ranging as biotechnology and civil engineering. Second, it aims to recruit and retain faculty and students that will … [Continue reading...]

Not Content with Your Content? PR Can Help

Desperate employee

(DGIwire) -- These days, it’s easy for a company or brand with years of experience to get swept up in the veritable deluge of constant digital content. It’s not enough for a company to merely have a Facebook page or Twitter handle—these social media outlets need to be used constantly to be effective. But simply creating content for content’s sake … [Continue reading...]

This Workhorse Can Deliver a Greener Future

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.47.51 PM

(DGIwire) – Fueling transportation with electricity rather than petroleum can significantly reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants that threaten our environment and health. That is the conclusion of a major new study jointly conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the National Resources Defense Council … [Continue reading...]

Metabolism Explained

Diabetes targets overweight people

(DGIwire) --  When trying to determine the best diet for a lean healthy body, people often wonder, “Exactly what is metabolism?” or “What is base metabolic rate (BMR)? Metabolic rate is simply the number of calories you burn in a given period of time. This is what most people generally refer to as metabolism.  A calorie is just a simple measure … [Continue reading...]

Why Bladder Cancer Can Become a Deadly Case of ‘Mistaken Identity’

Medical Imaging - Male Organs - Bladder

(DGIwire) -- There may not be many TV commercials or telethons for bladder cancer, but it is a deadly disease that impacts thousands of American lives every year. Just ask the 74,000 adults diagnosed last year or the families of the 16,000 people who died from the disease in 2013, according to It is a disease that deserves to be taken … [Continue reading...]

Making Methane Less Harmful: How New Technology Can Play a Role

Industrial complex at night

(DGIwire) – Global warming: it’s a topic familiar to almost everyone. The degradation of the earth remains a generational issue that we cannot escape. One of the most notorious contributors to global warming is methane gas, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Limited solutions – if we can call them that – currently exist; … [Continue reading...]

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