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Be the Hit at Every Baby Shower

Patient Gown-Gra-1-1

(DGIwire) -- Baby showers are exciting—at first. The ooh-ing and ahh-ing game is strong for the first five presents or so. Every gift is the best gift and everyone acts like it’s the first time they’ve seen diaper genies or burping cloths. Everyone is paying attention to the future mommy and waiting for the next present to be opened like Channing … [Continue reading...]

Get Lit with this Chromatic Light Bulb

TikTeck Light Bulb

(DGIwire) -- Looking to set the mood, turn up the party, or be a little more eco-friendly? The TikTeck Smart LED Light Bulb might be just the thing to add some much needed color. When ReviewLoft™ received one in the mail, we were pretty excited, and not just because one of our office light bulbs had recently blown. When screwing in this new … [Continue reading...]

4 Types of Stem Cells: What to Know

DNA Strands - 3D render

(DGIwire) – Stem cell research is often in the news these days. Keeping track of all the advances in this fast-evolving area requires knowing about the different types of stem cells and their current uses. And those uses cover a huge range: from a recent report in The Independent noting how stem cell therapy could offer insights on limb … [Continue reading...]

Skate Free Miami: A Lot, Vision, Passion and Community Spirit

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 7.55.55 PM

(DGIwire) – Look closely at this picture because Skate Free at Lot 11 in Miami, FL is a prime example of what can happen when three people who share a vision and passion—and an immense love for skateboarding—come together for the benefit of many, working with city officials to bring positive change to their community. Professional skateboarder … [Continue reading...]

Pretty Pushers: Revolution in Maternity Dress

Pretty Pushers Charcoal Grey front (1)

(DGIwire) -- If you are of an age to have attended a baby shower in the mid-90’s you will no doubt remember the onset of the Baby Bjorn Revolution. At first glance, many new moms likely felt overwhelmed by all the straps. Without a tutorial they seemed too complicated. Yet, the moment that new mom actually decided to test out the contraption … [Continue reading...]

Biggest Loser Weight Regain

Diet Change

(DGIwire) -- This month a 6-year follow-up study of the contestants on Season 8 of the Biggest Loser was making headlines. It seems that only one was able to maintain a weight even close to their contest end weight, regaining a significant amount. Scientists conducting the study were eager to closely interview and examine the contestants to … [Continue reading...]

Energy Innovation Comes to a Caribbean Port City

().   .

(DGIwire) – Cartagena is a popular beach destination in Colombia. The travel website Lonely Planet calls it the undisputed queen of the Caribbean coast, a fairy-tale city of romance, legends and superbly preserved beauty lying within an impressive eight miles of centuries-old colonial stone walls. But in 2016, Cartagena’s past is meeting its … [Continue reading...]

Advancements in Innovative Therapies for Trauma-Related and Hypertrophic Scarring

Hands of the man with scar.

(DGIwire) – Dermatologists use lasers to treat wrinkles, acne scars and pigmented lesions. But do they also have the power to rehabilitate the most disfiguring of burns and other scars? Yes, according to Dermatology Times, which recently spotlighted how scar therapy can make a tremendous difference in the lives of burn and trauma patients. The … [Continue reading...]

How Wearables Are Expanding Healthcare’s Frontiers

smiling woman stretching leg on mat over pool

(DGIwire) -- With fashionably colored fitness trackers adorning more arms and more wrists, it is easy to think the future of wearable health technology has arrived. But wearables can do way more for peoples’ health than just track our steps, sleep and heartbeat. One form of “wearables”—patches that deliver drugs directly into the skin—continue to … [Continue reading...]

Making “Kitchen to Carry” a Snap!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.37.03 AM

(DGIwire) -- Most people who cook have been disappointed when—after creating a delicious bunch of brownies, a casserole or an entire meal—the container just isn’t good enough to showcase the hard work that went into it. The frustration can be particularly acute if the meal has to be transported somewhere safely, e.g., to a school or a social event. … [Continue reading...]

Powering the Future of the Developing World

Location Libya. Green pin on the map.

(DGIwire) – Libya in 2016 is a nation in transition. But even as the country propels itself toward stability following the political events that have made headlines in recent years, one fact has not changed: the country’s economy depends heavily upon oil revenues. According to OPEC, Libya has the 10th-largest proven oil reserves of any country in … [Continue reading...]

9 Must-Knows for Attracting Investors

Job interview in process

(DGIwire) -- Whether crowd-funding, seeking capital for growth, or even if you're at the helm of an established public company, for those seeking to raise money during any phase of a company’s cycle, it would be wise to study and live by the following imperatives shared in this article. Studying and taking these insightful tips seriously, while … [Continue reading...]

Real Estate: Controlling Emotions Can Eliminate Heartache

House key on keychain

(DGIwire) -- Let's face it: most of us are obsessed with real estate.  For one thing, everyone has to live somewhere.  At various points in our lives we all rent, buy or sell-- perhaps multiple times.  For many of us, our main nest egg is in our home or apartment,  And of course some of us are actually in the profession as Brokers and/or Realtors.  … [Continue reading...]

Protein Made Easy!

Marco-- Chef's Cut Jerky

(DGIwire) -- Gathering information on diet and nutrition isn’t easy because there is very conflicting messaging on the internet and elsewhere. But despite what is said, there is one concept that it seems everyone can agree on: EAT PROTEIN. Whether someone is trying to bulk up or slim down, protein can help. In a recent study published by the … [Continue reading...]

5 Technologies That Could Totally Transform Healthcare

DNA model on blue background

(DGIwire) – What does the future hold for healthcare? Cutting-edge technologies could transform medicine as it is practiced today and ensure a wondrous array of breakthroughs for the patients of tomorrow. What’s especially exciting is that some advances are already in various stages of development today. Here is a brief glimpse of five of … [Continue reading...]

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