Engagement Ring Customs: Past, Present and Future

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(DGIwire) – The engagement ring, that all-symbolic love token a groom slips on his bride-to-be’s finger when he proposes, has a storied history dating all the way back to the ancient Egyptians—if not earlier. Here’s a quick history lesson from the website BrilliantEarth.com: • Antiquity: Egyptians have been found buried with metal wire around … [Continue reading...]

A ‘Warm’ Advance for Treating Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

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(DGIwire) -- Neuroscience has advanced by leaps and bounds, but is still in its infancy in many ways. Researchers continue to debate how memory, perception and cognitive disorders vary from person to person. They are still constantly surprised by new findings that open up vistas into how the brain works. For example, a recent Tech Times article … [Continue reading...]

The Stress in Our Largest and Fastest-Growing Organ

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(DGIwire) -- Stress can manifest itself in mysterious ways. Believe it or not, it can affect the epidermis. That’s right: the largest and fastest-growing organ in our bodies, not to mention the most visible—our skin—feels our emotional pain. Work stress, the stress of raising a family, the daily commute, fighting with a significant other, or even … [Continue reading...]

Hiring a Lawyer: Start Off Right

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(DGIwire) When consumers become legal clients for the first time, they are usually presented with a version of a fee agreement that is completely new to them, full of concepts that are unknown and unfamiliar. Even movies and television, which often portray unrealistic pictures of what lawyers do, never bother discussing the employment contracts … [Continue reading...]

Are Paperbacks the Secret to Staying Mentally Sharp?

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(DGIwire) While the publishing industry itself is undergoing a severe transformation—some critics might call it a meltdown--people’s desire to read has not been quelled. However, the prevalence of smartphones, TV and Internet distracts us and makes it increasingly challenging to carve out time for the simple, stress-reducing and pleasurable results … [Continue reading...]

Large Waistlines Are Hazardous to Our Health

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(DGIwire) -- The Mayo Clinic performed a large study involving almost 16,000 people from five countries around the world. It found that people with coronary artery disease who had large waistlines were at more than twice the risk of dying. Even those with a modestly enlarged belly showed the same risk, and some of these people had a BMI in the … [Continue reading...]

Is It Cancer? Knowing When It’s Time to See the Doctor

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(DGIwire) -- IKEA, the Swedish furniture manufacturer, has become a ubiquitous presence in homes around the world. Its concept is to provide stylish, simple furniture for less than what a traditional furniture store would charge. The reason? All their products come in ready-to-assemble pieces, leaving the labor to the customers. Each piece of … [Continue reading...]

Diabetes and Single: Telling a Significant Other About a Significant Disease

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(DGIwire) – A couple has gone out a few times and they’ve had lots of fun getting to know each other—until the time comes for one of them to reveal that they have diabetes. Like a lot of singles hoping for a love match, having enough confidence to tell the other person about one’s diabetes might be a big challenge. We often project our own … [Continue reading...]

As Electric Vehicles Gain Popularity, More Companies See Payback in Trucks

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(DGIwire) – For those who haven’t noticed, more battery-powered cars have been appearing in driveways of consumers. However, electric vehicles are also gaining traction in another realm: commercial delivery fleets. Staples, FedEx, PepsiCo and a few other companies have deployed these cutting-edge electric delivery trucks. Proponents say they … [Continue reading...]

When Life Hurts: Chronic Pain and the Quest for Less-Addicting Opioids

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(DGIwire) – Pain is arguably the most common of all health complaints, with the discomfort usually short-lived. For many, however, pain is not easily reduced or eliminated. Insights on this dilemma were recently provided by Dr. William H. McCarberg, a founding member of the Chronic Pain Management Program at Kaiser Permanente, San Diego, and … [Continue reading...]