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Opioid Addiction: Blame it on the Brain

Brain Mredicine

(DGIwire) -- Toxic relationships, with another person or an addictive substance, can be hard to escape. Blame it on the brain: according to neuroscientists at Harvard University Medical School, the brain registers all pleasures in the same way, whether they originate from a psychoactive drug, a monetary reward, a sexual encounter or even a … [Continue reading...]

Extreme Weather: Mitigating the Effects of Global Warming

Businesswoman change landscape from dry to spring

(DGIwire) – It’s a common experience: we’re waiting for an elevator when the person standing next to us says, “Strange weather we’ve been having lately!” Small talk aside, this comment seems truer than ever. According to many climate change researchers, global temperatures are on a steady rise and polar ice levels are shrinking more quickly every … [Continue reading...]

Watch TV and Get Rewarded!

Friends watching sports on TV

(DGIwire)   Did you know that: Real benefits can come from watching Housewives of New York, Atlanta or Beverly Hills? Time spent with Criminal Minds could be redeeming…regardless of whether the villain is caught? Flip This House even if filled with Celebrity Ghost Stories is more of a rewarding thrill for some viewers? Getting Taken by … [Continue reading...]

Using AI for Everything from Smarter Writing to Smarter Eating

Toward Digital Encryption

(DGIwire) – Often, when we hear the term artificial intelligence (AI), we think of robots performing routine jobs. In fact, AI is actually a computer code or algorithm that can imitate human behavior without even taking on physical form. Its applications are virtually limitless. In his “Bits” column in The New York Times, Pulitzer Prize-winning … [Continue reading...]

Stop the Spread: Predicting Metastasis Before It’s Too Late


(DGIwire) -- Cancer is the name for a series of diseases that all occur when the body’s cells multiply out of control. It occurs only in organs whose cells multiply and, if it’s caught early enough, is an increasingly treatable malady. The typical approach to treatment is to excise the primary tumor through surgery and then treat the patient via … [Continue reading...]

Adoption: Isolation, Challenges and Hope

Carrying daughter

(DGIwire)   All teenagers struggle with feelings of isolation and the challenge of creating a strong identity. But for teens from Asia, Africa and South America who are adopted by American families, the feelings are especially acute. Many of them feel their past prevents them from integrating fully into their new family and new culture. Some yearn … [Continue reading...]

Hiring Is Not Recruiting

Recruitment meeting

(DGIwire) -- As a business leader, finding the perfect new hire can be difficult, even though today’s marketplace is flooded with talented individuals ranging from fresh college graduates to seasoned veterans. The process can certainly seem daunting, but remember: the more diligent you are in the pre-hire process, the more likely they are to … [Continue reading...]

Chronic Wounds: A Staggering $50 Billion Problem

scientists with clipboard and microscope in lab

(DGIwire) – Few of us might know someone personally with a chronic wound, but they are much more common than some might think. According to a 2012 article in Medscape, chronic wounds affect two percent of the entire American population. This might sound like a small number, but with an estimated population of 319 million (as of 2013), that’s more … [Continue reading...]

The Secret to a Healthy Future

Woman hand uses touch screen interface with food

(DGIwire) Looking for the secret to successfully maintaining ideal weight and optimal health to a ripe old age? Common success strategies influence all facets of life including weight management and health.   The most common trait of successful people is that they maintain a long-term perspective.  In making daily decisions, they always take the … [Continue reading...]

The Four Keys to Mastering Media Interviews

on the image the politician giving to interview is presented

(DGIwire) -- Talk shows and news shows alike heavily rely on celebrity interviews to boost their viewership and ratings. Of course, this is not a one-way street—celebrities can benefit from these TV appearances as well, since they usually have a new movie or TV show to promote. Ultimately, though, it helps them sell their biggest … [Continue reading...]

Taking the ‘Bounce’ Factor Out of Rubber Checks

Blank Personal Check

(DGIwire) – In this age of electronic transactions, the risk of criminal activity is rising in one area we might not expect: bad checks that potentially choke retailers’ profits. Although this paper-based predicament could seem like a throwback to a bygone era, consider this statistic from the National Automated Clearinghouse Association: 15 … [Continue reading...]

Does Everlasting Beauty Have Celestial Origins?

2014 Star Speckled Sky

(DGIwire) -- The expression “Having stars in one’s eyes” has been used by songwriters and poets for generations. Songs abound tying celestial skies to love, life and beauty. Today, however, the magnificent gem known as moissanite is the true star in the world of jewelry and in the eyes of millennials alike. Moissanite—which in fact does have … [Continue reading...]

Parkinson’s Disease and Motor Control During ‘Off’ Episodes

Portrait Shy older man in glasses, isolated white background

(DGIwire) -- People with Parkinson’s disease (PD) are all too familiar with the initial symptoms: resting tremor, muscle stiffness and slowness of movement. Although levodopa and other drugs are effective when it comes to improving and controlling these symptoms during the early stages, over time the medications are less effective, and patients … [Continue reading...]

Taking Oncology to the Next Level with ‘Big Data’

Statistics Business Background

(DGIwire) -- Imagine a hospital where patients input information about their current conditions on tablets in the waiting room. During the examination, doctor and patient might, for example, talk about the patient’s passion for jogging, which the doctor can see is an interest from the data he uploaded from the patient’s personal fitness tracker … [Continue reading...]

Blood and Fluid Loss: Five Things to Know About Hypovolemic Shock


(DGIwire) -- Blood loss is not an uncommon event, with cuts and scrapes a frequent cause. Generally a small amount of pressure, coupled with a simple bandage, is all that’s needed to staunch the flow and resume activity immediately. Sometimes, however, blood loss can be more drastic, leading to a condition called hypovolemic shock. Following are … [Continue reading...]

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