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What & When to Eat: That is the Question

overweight mouse eating chocolate

(DGIwire) Scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies found that limiting regular eating times and extending the daily fasting period may override the adverse health effects of a high-fat diet and prevent obesity, diabetes and liver disease in mice.  It seems that when we eat may be as important as what we eat.  They reported that mice … [Continue reading...]

Check Out the Four Most Extraordinary Science Labs in the World

Scientist working in a laboratory

(DGIwire) -- When most of us hear the phrase “science lab,” what comes to mind are images of Bunsen burners and half-dissected frogs in a classroom. These days, however, high-school laboratories have far more advanced technology than your fifth-period chemistry teacher had to drill into you. And on the professional lab front—well, it seems the … [Continue reading...]

Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress

Young Couples Dressed Up For Prom

(DGIwire) Prom season is approaching; you’ve made it to the final stretch of your high school career. While teenagers across the country struggle to find the perfect date, the girls are also scrambling to find the perfect dress. Think about it, there are minimal times in your life when you get to wear an over the top, glamorous dress, we’re not … [Continue reading...]

Today’s Contingent Workforce: What Every Employer Needs to Know

Multi Ethnic Business Group

(DGIwire) -- They go by many names: temps, freelancers, independent contractors and consultants. Whatever they’re called, in our modern economy contingent workers are becoming more numerous and assuming greater importance. In a 2014 survey by Oxford Economics, 83 percent of businesses reported they not only used contingent workers but were also … [Continue reading...]

Chronic Fatigue Isn’t “All in your Head”


Here’s how to beat it—naturally (DGIwire)   For years, people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) were told by mainstream doctors that it was all “in their heads.” But in a new 235-page report, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) asserted that this condition is indeed real. As one of the authors of this report bluntly put it, "It's time … [Continue reading...]

10 Tips for Better Presentations

Caucasian baby speaking at podium

(DGIwire) Are you looking to captivate an audience for your next meeting? Or are you interested in delivering an unforgettable presentation? Public speaking is a useful skill to possess for garnering investors, increasing staff morale or engaging with the media. If you follow these tips, you will surely reap the benefits of effective public … [Continue reading...]

Might Personalized Metastatic Colon Cancer Treatment Improve Prognosis?

Doctor explaining prescription to senior patient

(DGIwire) – Treatment options for colon cancer depend on a range of factors including the stage of the cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute. In fact, it can often be prevented when precancerous polyps are detected and removed following a routine screening via a colonoscopy. Nonetheless, the disease is still among the leading causes of … [Continue reading...]

Stuck In A Fashion Rut? Dig Out!

Women chooses clothes

(DGIwire) It’s no secret that in this busy world, we’re all looking for comfort and convenience. Everyone has their favorite clothing items, the pieces that they just keep going back to over and over again. Maybe it’s that comfortable hoodie you had from high school, or that perfect pair of jeans that fit you just right. No one wants the hassle of … [Continue reading...]

Asian Piracy Surge Calls for GHOST Protocol

(DGIwire) -- While the bloody exploits of Somali and West African pirates spill the most ink in headlines and Hollywood scripts, Asian waters have now become the new piracy capital of the world. A recent report from the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) found that Asia is responsible for a whopping 75 percent of the world’s total hijackings, … [Continue reading...]

Frosting on the Cake: Jewelry Trunk Shows with a Brilliant Difference

cupcakes with frosting and diamond ring

(DGIwire)   Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson aren’t the only gems that sparkle onscreen in the 2003 romantic comedy How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. McConaughey’s character works for an advertising agency that is trying to land the DeLauer diamond conglomerate as a client. At the culminating point in the movie, the DeLauer company holds a lavish … [Continue reading...]

Are You a Serial Dieter?

seamless people pattern

(DGIwire) According to Wikipedia, as of March 11, 2015, the United States has a total resident population of 320,480,000.  A survey conducted as part of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index found that the percentage of normal-weight people was 36.6% of the population.  This number may actually be overstated because it was based on body mass index … [Continue reading...]

Watch TV & Build Your Own e-Library…Seriously!

Audiobook concept

(DGIwire) -- Even with the publishing industry undergoing major changes, people’s desire to read has not wavered. In fact, according to data compiled by, 56 percent of young people claimed to read at least 10 books in 2014. Unfortunately, that number is still far less than the statistics of U.S. families who watch TV. According … [Continue reading...]

Three Tips for Retailers Scouting for Their Next Store Location

Boutique display window with mannequins in fashionable dresses

(DGIwire)   “Location, location, location!” Every retail chain scouting the ideal street address for its next store is familiar with this age-old mantra. And while it’s true that a great location can often make the difference between high and low sales, identifying the ideal street address for a store requires a dizzying array of … [Continue reading...]

Legacy Education Alliance Subsidiary Tigrent Learning To Test Symposium Class Delivery Model in Q3 2015

Audience in the lecture hall.

(DGIwire)  CAPE CORAL, FL – March 20, 2015 – Tigrent Learning, the U.K. subsidiary of Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. (OTCQB: LEAI), a leading provider of educational training seminars, conferences and services, announced plans to test its new symposium class delivery model during the third quarter of 2015. The symposiums, where several classes on … [Continue reading...]

Is It Time to Outsource Your Employees?

Four candidates competing for one position.

(DGIwire) -- Since Thomas Friedman declared “the world is flat,” there are more options than ever before when it comes to hiring employees. This said, many of these options don’t come risk-free. In fact, getting advice from professionals who understand the plethora of hiring risks prior to committing to those freelance or full-time hires is smart … [Continue reading...]

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