Enhancing Modern Medicine, One Lab at a Time


(DGIwire) -- The challenge of purchasing equipment for a modern laboratory requires original, innovative thinking on several fronts. Astute lab managers will be able to ask pertinent questions regarding the purchase of equipment within several discrete areas: Lab fluidics: A knowledge of syringe, peristaltic and continuous flow pumps is vital … [Continue reading...]

Parkinson’s and Depression: Shedding Light on the Link

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(DGIwire) -- People without depression often have trouble understanding why their clinically depressed acquaintances can’t simply “shake it off.” This can be a gut-wrenching thing for a person with depression to hear. To them, it’s not a matter of choice; it’s something they suffer through day in and day out. Depression is linked to the … [Continue reading...]

Lucrative Independent Careers: Here’s A Brilliant Option

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(DGIwire)  “Lean in” is the new term for the kind of laser-focused ambition that will supposedly help more women rise to the top of the ladder along a corporate career path with an eye out for the corner suite or the boardroom.   For many women today, however, quality of life requires them to look in a different direction for a lucrative career … [Continue reading...]

Branding: Sear Your Image into the Mind of the Masses

Brand Concept - Hit Target.

(DGIwire) -- Long ago, the term “branding” conjured up images of red-hot irons and cattle. However, as the United States became more industrialized and capitalism took hold, “branding” became the way for consumers to identify a product or service. Everything from big-ticket items such as televisions, cars and computers to smaller household items … [Continue reading...]

The Quest: Personalized Care for Cancer Patients

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(DGIwire) -- A recent survey of patients with chronic conditions showed that most are willing to share their health information with physicians, other patients, researchers and drug companies to improve the quality and safety of care. A second survey revealed their attitudes are not too different from those of the general, healthy population. The … [Continue reading...]

The Sleep + Obesity Diabetes Connection

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(DGIwire)  Everyone knows what a poor night’s sleep feels like: headaches, irritability, heavy eyelids and sluggishness are common symptoms. However, chronic sleep deprivation—three or more months of irregular sleep patterns—can have much more harmful and lasting effects. According to a study published by the U.S. Institute of Medicine Committee on … [Continue reading...]

Warning: Don’t Ignore These Signs of Opioid Dependence

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(DGIwire) -- The road to opioid addiction is sometimes paved with good intentions. Maybe someone had a bad skiing accident and broke his leg. The surgery went well, but the surgeon suggests that the patient stay in the hospital for a little while, just so they can ensure proper healing. However, the patient in constant pain, and the only thing … [Continue reading...]

How Mother Nature Can Prevent Bank Robberies

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(DGIwire) – We might think of bank robbery as something romantic, in a way, as many people unfortunately do. Why? Well, when we hear the names John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd or Bonnie and Clyde, it brings to mind some daring, larger-than-life characters, along with a bygone era in which men wore hats, women were called dames, and boxing was … [Continue reading...]

The Future of Surgery Is Far from Science Fiction

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(DGIwire) -- Minority Report, the 2002 movie starring Tom Cruise, had far-reaching consequences for those working on the cutting edge of technology. In one of the movie’s most famous scenes, Cruise manipulates data by tapping and dragging it across multiple interactive screens. That scene ensnared the American imagination—and excited many designers … [Continue reading...]

A New Electric ‘Workhorse’ Hits the Roads

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(DGIwire) -- The wheel is often heralded as one of humanity’s oldest and most important inventions. Its creation was an integral part of virtually every subsequent invention, especially those that have revolutionized transportation. The horse-and-buggy, Henry Ford’s first mass-produced cars, airplanes, motorcycles and those little Razor scooters … [Continue reading...]