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Veterans Deserve Help To Overcome Two Common and Serious Health Problems

Depressed Man Portrait

(DGIwire) – While funding for veteran programs has increased from about $2.4 billion in fiscal 2008 to nearly $7 billion for fiscal 2016, according to the Veterans Association (VA), more work needs to be done to address the health issues faced by those who have served their country and are now facing delays in care—as vividly illustrated in a CNN … [Continue reading...]

The Yo-Yo Dieting Dilemma

Red yo yo isolated on white background

(DGIwire) -- Not too long ago, a study by researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina reinforced the idea that dieting makes you fatter, particularly yo-yo dieting. The researchers looked at overweight postmenopausal women who had lost an average of 12 percent of their initial starting weight.  When analyzing their change … [Continue reading...]

Rising Global Energy Costs: A ‘Micro’ Solution for a Macro Problem

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 7.02.57 AM

(DGIwire) -- While energy prices in the U.S. have been on a downward trend, the same is not true for the rest of the world. In fact, Tata Steel, an Indian-owned company formerly known as British Steel, will cut 720 jobs from a British plant as a result of “cripplingly high electricity costs,” combined with a strong pound and low-cost overseas … [Continue reading...]

Public Speaking Nightmares: What to Not Do in Front of a Crowd

Businessman at Press Conference

(DGIwire) -- For many people who fear public speaking, the precedent was set in childhood. Perhaps they were ridiculed in front of their elementary school class for mispronouncing a word, or for not realizing the fly on their pants was open, or just for seeming nervous and hesitant—and any time after that was fraught with anxiety. Similarly, people … [Continue reading...]

Air Pollution Epidemic Kills More Than AIDS and Malaria Combined

air pollution

(DGIwire) -- Recent research suggests that air pollution could be responsible for more deaths annually than AIDS and malaria combined. As reported in the Daily Mail, a study led by Joshua Apte of the University of Texas found that outdoor particulate air pollution causes 3.2 million deaths each year—more than the estimated 2.5 million deaths that … [Continue reading...]

Living a Long Unhealthy Life?


(DGIwire)  --  Why would anyone want to live longer but not healthier?  A study from West Virginia University School of Medicine and the Medical University of South Carolina revealed that this is now the case for American baby boomers.  More interesting is that other studies have indicated this is mostly the result of conscious and avoidable bad … [Continue reading...]

Protect Your Valuables and Identity with Two Unique Bluetooth Trackers


(DGIwire) – Identity theft has dominated recent headlines. In 2014, the number of data breaches detected in the U.S. hit a record high of 783, comprising more than 83 million personal records stolen. So far in 2015, there have been more than 505 data breaches with almost 140 million records stolen, according to the Identity Theft Resource … [Continue reading...]

Getting to Know

Forest road

(DGIwire) At age 31, Charles F. Porter an actor, author, model and former collegiate student-athlete was leading a charmed life.  This was until he was forced to face death, as he became one of the more than 14 million people diagnosed with cancer each year. Mr. Porter approached the challenge head on, using the adversity to his advantage. … [Continue reading...]

Street League Skateboarding Comes to New Jersey This Weekend!

sls_nj_prudential_website_900x500 v1

o New Jersey’s Prudential Center Will See the Entire SLS Pro Roster Battling it out for the Final Eight Spots in This Year’s SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship o Nyjah Huston, Luan Oliveira and Chaz Ortiz Currently Top Three Championship Points Leaders, With Three of this Year’s Four Rookies in Top Ten o Finals to Air Live on FOX Sports1 … [Continue reading...]

Health and Happiness Go Hand in Hand

Happy couple grandparents in the house

(DGIwire) –Dr. Anjuli Srivastava said to ABC News in an interview about the correlation between health and happiness that “data show positive mood, optimism and humor are linked to better health and well-being.” There is nothing more important to your happiness than taking proper care of your body. And what comes with being healthy is, of course, … [Continue reading...]

Common Personal Branding Mistakes: Are You Guilty?

Hands holding blank cards poster

(DGIwire) -- Any entrepreneur worth their salt knows that an idea alone can take you only so far. Actually putting that idea into motion and emphasizing its distinctiveness is what makes for true success. To make your ideas—and by extension, your business and your products—stand out from the crowd, you need to do some personal branding. Personal … [Continue reading...]

What’s Healthier: High Carb-Low Fat or Low Carb-High Protein?

Tuna steak with ginger blood orange sauce

(DGIwire) -- High-protein, low-carb diets are often used for weight loss. Proponents often claim a metabolic advantage over an equivalent high-carb, low fat diet. Others claim that Atkins-style diets contain excess protein and fat, which have an adverse effect on your health. Who is right? Two studies, which looked at high-protein, low-carb … [Continue reading...]

Four Important Facts To Know About PTSD

Serious African policeman in uniform

(DGIwire) – The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that about eight million adults have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during a given year, and about seven to eight percent of the general population will have PTSD at some point in their lives. At the same time, public misconceptions about this condition are still common. Here … [Continue reading...]

New Trends Influencing the Way We Consume Content

Couple Watching Television

(DGIwire) -- The days are long gone when you could gather the entire nuclear family around the TV set to watch the evening news—or any other show that everyone would want to watch. The Internet has affected our habits when it comes to television, as it has done with everything in our lives. However, even among an ocean of change, one thing remains … [Continue reading...]

A Game-Changing New Defense Against Bioterrorism

Weighting up hazardous chemical reagent

(DGIwire) -- Just one week after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the nation was on high alert once again—this time for a deadly white powder called anthrax. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), letters laced with anthrax began appearing in the U.S. mail on September 18. Five Americans were killed and 17 were sickened in … [Continue reading...]

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