Hypertrophic Scars: What Are They?

(DGIwire) – Not all scars are created equal. While always unsightly, a certain type—known as hypertrophic scars—can be especially bothersome, both physically and psychologically, for those who have them. But what are they, exactly? According to Medscape, hypertrophic scars are characterized by abnormally red, itchy, raised fibrous lesions that … [Continue reading...]

What’s Lurking in That Mattress?

(DGIwire) – Beds are among the dirtiest objects in people’s houses, reports Business Insider—a fact made more uncomfortable when it’s realized that people spend about a third of their lives sleeping in them. This means folks are rolling around in—and inhaling—an amalgamation of nasty substances. Dust—which can induce allergies and asthma—is just … [Continue reading...]

3 Cool Things to Know About Algae

(DGIwire) – Everyone has a rough idea of what algae are—but few may appreciate their true versatility. Here, courtesy of the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, a division of the US Department of Energy, are three cool insights about this fascinating form of plant life: Algae is ubiquitous: There are thousands of different … [Continue reading...]

The Endocannabinoid System: A Key to New Medical Treatments?

  (DGIwire) – The “endocannabinoid system” refers to a specific, endogenous collection of cell receptors and corresponding molecules in the brain. As noted in the journal Cerebrum, endocannabinoids are responsible for a huge array of day-to-day bodily functions—they help to regulate everything from neurological functions, cognition and … [Continue reading...]

3 Top Revisionist Novels: Telling the Tale a Different Way

(DGIwire) – Famous novels present a particular point of view: readers and audiences quickly become familiar with the protagonist and antagonist and how they interact. In recent years, it has become something of a trend to re-envision classic works from the perspective of a different character—sometimes one who was maligned in the original. Here are … [Continue reading...]

Felines and Brominated Flame Retardants: An Unhappy Pairing

(DGIwire) – What could be safer than the life of an indoor cat? Unfortunately, it might not be as safe as its owners might hope. A recent study by Stockholm researchers, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, found that indoor felines have high levels of brominated flame retardants in their bloodstream. This finding is … [Continue reading...]

Career Advancement: 3 Questions to Ask

(DGIwire) – Recent college graduates in their first entry-level positions face a slew of decisions about their future—especially after they have been on the job for several months. There are no hard and fast answers, of course, but pondering these issues can prepare them for their next all-important step up the corporate ladder. Here are three … [Continue reading...]

What Caregivers Should Know About Cellular Age

(DGIwire) – Those people who serve as caregivers—either for a family member or a loved one—face a series of challenges. Ensuring proper treatment for the patient is one of main ones. But another challenge is just as daunting: making sure that the caregivers maintain proper health for themselves despite the stress that comes along with their task. … [Continue reading...]

Professional Power Tool Users: Time to Look Beyond Lithium-Ion

(DGIwire) – Reliable power tools are crucial to maintaining the reputations of electrical, cable and telecom companies. However, as recently reported in Utility Products magazine, engineers and field technicians are bound by the technical limitations of Lithium-ion battery packs, which present a series of drawbacks. For example, if there has … [Continue reading...]

Insider Threats: How Businesses Can Protect Themselves

(DGIwire) – How can businesses protect against the ongoing risk that one or more of their existing employees will use insider access—wittingly or unwittingly—to do harm to the security of the places where they work. The potential threats can include espionage, terrorism, unauthorized disclosure of corporate proprietary information, loss or … [Continue reading...]

Localized Scleroderma: What’s the Way Forward?

(DGIwire) – A large number of medical conditions have names rooted in Latin terms. One example is “scleroderma”— “sclero” means “hard” and “derma” means “skin.” But hardening skin is just one of many symptoms of localized scleroderma, a chronic autoimmune disease, which has no known cause and no cure. Stiff joints, digestive issues, lung scarring, … [Continue reading...]

Bay State Booming: Massachusetts Public Companies Grow Headcount

(DGIwire) – It’s a good time to be operating a business headquartered in the Bay State. More than two-thirds of the 188 public companies based in Massachusetts grew their total headcount in 2016, according to Boston Business Journal. Year-end filings for that year indicate that overall, public companies based in the state—which account for about … [Continue reading...]

Beyond Lithium-Ion: What’s Next for Battery Technology?

(DGIwire) – Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are the current industry standard—but it’s starting to look as if they might not be around forever. Although they are capable of holding a charge for a relatively long time, Li-ion batteries are expensive and—as several recent high-profile news items have shown the world—they have a tendency explode … [Continue reading...]

Coping with Chronic Pain? 4 Tips for Relief

(DGIwire) – Those experiencing chronic pain have an array of sources of information at their disposal. One such resource is WebMD’s Chronic Pain Assessment tool. Although its specific recommendations depend on the exact nature and duration of the pain being felt, the tool provides several general tips to get started on the road to improved … [Continue reading...]